Story-357 "DOUBLE CHARACTER" part-3

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••••°°°>>>Sudhir was happy to hear, "I was expecting this from you," As soon as Sudhir approached me and wanted to show me the drama of loving love by filling in my arms, I jerked him. There is no limit to my anger. I was not crying from me or laughing. Handled yourself in some way Now what happened, it could not be changed. Anyway it's always the men's run. So, I thought it was advisable to compromise the situation. Still, he did not miss Sudhir.

"Sudhir, you know very well that baroque words are not less than abuse for a woman. Then more and more for the woman who is forced to lead a life cursed with this stigma. I am not sad that you married Sunita, the sad thing is that you stabbed in my back. Killed my faith. You could have done the same thing in faith.

"Sudhir, if I had denied your disability as a weakness, I would have refused to marry you, how would you take me?"

Sudhir did not respond. I thought I raised the question of vain. Why would the person whose character is inclined to think all this thinking? Well, this news has reached my maiden. Brother needs me as soon as my in-laws come, "Where is Sudhir, I will leave him after being ruined. Even after being a government servant, how did he dare to marry another? ''

I tried to calm the brother somehow.

"I'm not going to be silent. Report in the police. I will complain to the officers of this. It is not my name that stops the petition. "

Sudhir sneaked out and went out. My mother-in-law came, "Bhadas took out. Now listen to me too. Sunita Bin was the daughter of father. Sudhir has just supported, "he said.

Do not give the name of Saharan to his shamelessness. Supported one and destroys the other, "Brother satirized.

"Is someone asking Aarti to go home?" Saas said.

'' It will be gone, '' said Bhaiya.

'' His will But I do not want to know that Sudheer is away from this house. The status of that will remain. "

"Do not try to seduce me," the brother turned to me, "Aarti, you tied the bag. Now I will not allow you to stay here for a moment. "

"No brother, I will not leave in-laws. Even today, our society does not accept any marriages in the maiden. "I said," I became emotional, "I would prefer to break my heart on the door of my in-laws' house but I will not go to my mother's house."

The brother also came to the eye. What is easy to fight with conservative society? In the name of the tribe, the husband is told to be brother-in-law. Expecting change from such a root society is like finding water in the desert.

While taking the step of brother's brother, I promised him that I am not a weak woman. We will not be weak for our survival. Yet they assured me that when the will of your mother's door will be open for you forever.

Two hours after the brother's departure, Sudhir came. As soon as he came, he started showing scorn. I also conveyed that he was living in his form. Sudhir made me buy a flat to stay away. At first I thought that staying here would stay fighting for my rights. There was a desire to go to court against him, but after thinking that he would step back, what would be the benefit of that? There will be a lot of jobs for him. Will go to jail. He used to give me so many rupees every month that my expenditure would have gone smoothly. Sunita pity, sleeping differently. My mother-in-law and Sudhir murmured her. However, whatever happened, I accepted it as a cycle of destiny and accepted it. I took a job in a school to cut time.

The time started moving slowly. My relationship with Sudhir is nothing but spending just for the month. I was not worried about Sunitha's love affair, neither did I have any involvement with such a person. One day he disclosed with a big heart, 'It is not written in my life that I have become a father.' I became sympathetic to the tone in which he said. Whatever is it is my husband. I wish I could sulk his heart with satire, but after returning, I did not want to scrape my own wounds. Destiny found what I gave in my life. Now why should I call someone inadvertently? Still, he sat down asking, "What happened?"

"Sunita has an infection in the blood. The doctor says that if she becomes a mother, then she will definitely have a disabled child. "

I am sorry to hear Sudheer is more sad than he is. The life of that poor person is spoiled. Sudhir ruined 2-2 lives. I wish that he would adopt an orphan child after considering me, we would get old age and he would improve his life. After a brief silence, Sudhir further said, "Aarti, what can I say to the mouth. What is left to say? "

I fell in doubt. What Sudhir wants to say after all I was aware of Sudhir's dual character. That was why conscious. I did not put much emphasis. After all he had to say, "Can not we be together again?"

Upon hearing, my mercury went to the seventh heaven. I came in to jerk that I should just push out. My guess turned right. Sudhir's dual character once again became apparent. In some way, while controlling my feelings, I asked him, "The reason for this sympathy?"

"I am not sympathetic," it was the culmination of Sudhir's shamelessness. This is the difference between the original nature of man and woman. At that time, all the fast like Karva Chauth, Teejs were being used only by women. The contractors of our religion made the men an open rope, while imposing the women's love with thousands of bonds and paralyzing them.But I did not sell emotionally.

"When did you bring Sunita, did not you think of Haq?"

"I had wandered," she spoke with great innocence.

"Now you want to correct mistakes."

He remained quiet. I was studying the changing aspects of his face completely. I felt it better to know everything than being in a wasteful debate. She said, "I want you to be a mother with the test tube technique."

I felt laugh, along with a pig. The sadhu looked at me.

"Take third marriage. In my opinion this will be fine. "

"Aarti, forgive me. I have done a lot of injustice against you."

"I'm sorry."

'' So you ... ... '' his face bloomed.

"As you are thinking, nothing is going to happen. It would be good that you leave me at my place. "

Even after all the efforts, when his pulse does not get rolled, then step by step with the steps towards the gate. I did not stay away from me, talked about my mind.

"Sudhir, you have cursed the existence of the wife by doing Sutan. Your birth will never be fulfilled. "

When I went to bed on my bed, I started crying and crying.

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