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Red carriage

When the car of a red car rides on the head, then the ambulance will also run.

Sharmaji used to use his red carpet to rush through the world. But when the government hunter snatched this facility from them, they went to the poorly-bathed tribal refuge of the ambulance. Why? Hey Bhai, what is the fever of red light?

"Shreeji, ever since Lalbatta has been removed from your car, you do not mix eyes, why are you going to get water from shyness?" On my question, they said, "Saxena, what do you know Lalbatti Wagon car The car with a red car is a status symbol. It does not only upgrade the status but also enhances the council's confidentiality. Five years before the municipal school's school, the confidence of the face of the 5th Failure has also been enhanced after coming down from these vehicles. Shyam colors also appear white. There is no shame in them, but the amount of confidence is multiplied. Whether it is a status or not, in the standard, the four-wheeler carries the charts.

For people with no status, the work of gold sheet (uppercase, cover) is made of red light cart. Anytime, anywhere, any road's Radlight can jumped, there is no challan for the red car, it is not invoiced. By looking at the red car in India's gateway to India Gate, and stop the traffic police vehicles, let them pass on Rajpath first and halt them separately. Who does not have a red car, no matter how many bank balances, many luxury vehicles, all waste. Now you have come to understand that how important is it to become a mangal special, a red carriage car.

I hesitated again and said to him, "Janaab, you know that there are so many people in your country who, despite not being authorized, charge their vehicles with a red light. Under this campaign, the traffic police of Judge, Secretariat, Home Secretary, MLA, Mayor and Superintendent did not spare anyone on the use of illegal red wine. In this regard, an awareness campaign was conducted throughout the country that arrangements for red-light carriage were arranged for the President, Prime Minister, Vice President, Former President, Speaker of the Lok Sabha, Chief Justice and heads of constitutional bodies and their counterparts in the states. It has been restricted to the people sitting on constitutional posts but you have not accepted it yet, now you have come and gone in the wraps and the red light of your car, then what is the shame in this?

They said, "Look, you know, I'm not the president as well. It is different that I am not the Speaker of Lok Sabha but am I the President of the Managing Committee of the Public Society? Meetings are also held in the Lok Sabha and in our society there are meetings with Resident Welfare. Public attention is kept there and here too. The leaders are there, the chairman and vice president of the managing committee here. Then I should also have to get the right to install a red light on my car? ''

I said, "Shamji, worry is being done on the indiscriminate misuse of carpeted carts across the country, checking is being done, they are being removed. In such a situation, if you have so much love with a red carriage that if your tears are not there in the absence of this, then resign your resident as Chairman of the Welfare Society's managing committee and driver of any five-star hospital ambulance Be ready When your car will go on the streets of Ambulance, that is, then you will give people the place to go first with caution. Here you will also get the discount for playing Kirekhan's voice. As a result, you will have additional knowledge about the benefits of playing sirens on the streets, which may be more than a red carpet of a red carpet.

"You are a social worker, you also do social work in your society and will continue to do it there also. So you should not make any difference. Yes, it is of course that there will not be meetings at all. But I have heard that the drivers of five-city hospitals get better dress and canteen for free on behalf of the hospital management committee. Drivers have ever received any tip from the patient's tummy.

"The cylinders of oxygen kept in the ambulance can also work for you. If you are setting up the hospital's storekeeper, you can make profits by selling them in the market. In sum, profit is the benefit, resigning from the chairman of the society's managing committee, in becoming a driver of any red-handed sirenmic ambulance. "

Sharma said, "Saxena, you keep thinking of amazing. Why did not you tell earlier. I was just getting nervous when my personal car's red light was removed. Today, resigning from the presidency of the managing committee of the Resident Welfare Society, I am gearing up to become a driver of ambulances in a hospital so that I can get back the social status of my car in the red car.

I heard from Sharmaji that nowadays there should be a prestigious car, not a prestigious post, but because the people of this country do not know the difference between status and standard, neither do they know the difference between fraud and fraud. Want to

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