Story-359 "SELF REFLECTION" part-1

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Seeing the respect of your mother-in-law from her husband's mouth, and seeing respect, Shantha mind will be filled with mind. Therefore, the distance between the life of Mombeti kept up. Today Shantha herself became a mother-in-law and stood in a situation where she had her mother-in-law.

The marriage has been completed for two full years, but Shantha could not go to Hyderabad. It is the only son of his composed. How many times have his wife Sneha been invited but where is she? Sometimes the busy house of Rahul Gandhi's private company's tour. Once the program was created even then they had to cancel due to their foreign trip, the ticket had to be canceled. Both work together in foreign companies, often going out.

After the marriage, one month has passed out to celebrate the honeymoon. Where can these two live near the daughter-in-law? In fact, Shantha has not been properly introduced to her daughter-in-law. Only spent a couple of days together. There is no introduction to talking on the phone itself. Stay with him for a few days, then something will happen. Listen to him and tell him something.

Well, let's correct it after two years, now Rahul has also made a reservation of Hyderabad from Patna. Which is the anniversary of the wedding of the composed. Shanta is busy in shopping. Laddunmothri and Gujia are engaged in making. All these things are very much liked. Now, what is the taste of Sneha, it will be created by asking the composition. He will also be happy

All the accessories have packed. Have a walk in a while. The mind is full of happiness. If Rahul comes, then he will get ready soon. So Shantha started extracting the goods.

On arrival at the station, it was found that the car is reaching time, it was relieved knowing. When the train arrives, the porter sets up all the accessories. Attendant blankets, sheets, pillow etc. were given. Shanta was feeling exhausted now. But at around 12 o'clock in the night, people were getting off the road. TTE also went by checking the ticket. Rahul was sleeping while lying down. Shantha started trying to sleep The train started running at a high speed. All the passengers had gone asleep. There was silence in the train.

Shanta's eyes were getting impaired by sleep, but in the past, the past started moving around like a movie.

When his new wife was married, Rahul had a small family. Rahul's parents and a younger sister Rahul had great affection for his mother and sister. Rahul had told Suhagrat only to Shanta, "Shantha, mother is my idol, because of mother we have reached this stage." Sister is dear to me. Keep in mind that we do not hurt the mother's heart due to any behavior of the people. '

'Do not worry, I will always take care of this. He will not give you a chance to complain. 'He was saying but he was staring from inside. The man who is taking much care of his emperor will be able to become a husband too. He got worried about this and he started getting stressed.

After the marriage ended, they came to Patna from Gaya. Here Rahul used to be a job. From the big armaan he decorated his small house.

'Look, mother would not like to keep this stuff here. Put this in that place, wear the same color as the sari of the mother. Learning the art of decorating with the mother. Yes, learn to dress salad even with a mother. "Shantha is upset and listens to all this. And deliberately does what Rahul

After the father's death, the mother often stayed in Patna along with these people. These people also could not go home.

Rahul's commentary began to bring Shanta to her mother-in-law's burden. They did not like Shanta to come and they started getting irritated. In my mind, 'why do they come again and again? Even at home, they can stay. 'Shantha does not tolerate their presence, while the arrival of the mother does not end the enthusiasm of Rahul. The preparations were completed before the coming weeks and the kitchen was filled with the things of the mother's choice.

Shanta thought, what was the fault of that too. Cooking like a mother, learning how to behave like them; She feels as if she is a bane. Just like he has no existence. He rebelled against the mother.

In contrast to this, when the mother came, she used to bring many food items for these people with her, she still comes, but she comes, but Shantha is not interested in those things. It is the only effort of that mother to leave from her house as soon as possible. Shantha took Rahul out of the house by making an excuse and returned to the late night after eating the food outside. The mother just kept waiting. Shantha is happy to see her mother waiting. Nevertheless, the mother did not complain or raised any complaint. Do not know how tolerant

On the contrary, one day Rahul started to say to Rahul, "Take Rahul, daughter-in-law, ever to show the film. This is the only way to revive it. 'They still send them to roam and do all the work from the back. One does not leave a job for Shanta. Yet he is not happy. Shanta seems to be all this drama. They also go away soon. As long as I live, I stay calm.

Time passed by. The third year of marriage was born. Glee was hiding in the house. Especially the mother's happiness was not forgotten. There were many instructions from the phone, 'Shanta, take care of yourself. Keep checking. Doctor, keep saying the same way. 'You should also instruct Rahul,' Take care of daughter-in-law. '

After that, they started coming again to see and feed the composed. Now Shantha began to suspect that her husband has been snatched away and now she wants to subdue her son too. Shantha wanted to keep away from the mother made by making excuses, but she insisted that she would go to him. Separating grandchildren from grandmother could make it difficult. Rahul's all this

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