Story-360 "SELF REFLECTION" part-2

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••••°°°°>>>All of this is not known because mother does not complain about Shanta.

Now Shanta also wanted to spoil the relationship between Mombai. Rahul asks' Shantha, why is the bathroom dirty? 'He would say softly,' Mother has come out from the outside and washed her feet, '' Why did Shantha, why the bill of electricity came so much? '' Shantha would spell all mother's letters.

One day Rahul became angry and said, 'Do not know what has happened to mother, has become such a harsh mother-in-law?' Then Shantha calm down Rahul.

The younger sister Shikha came to see her nephew for the first time and after marrying, she came to her house to meet the mother. She was observing the act with the mother of Shantha and explaining to her mother, 'Why are you doing so bad behavior of sister-in-law? Why do not you speak in protest? Why do not you tell your brother? Only then will they know. They blame you. '

'Betty, what do I say to Rahul? Shantha is the daughter-in-law of the house. I do not want to have bitterness in both of them because of me. Both have to spend life together. Yes, it is upset with Rahul's behavior that my son blames me. Let me also give you an opportunity to give me cleanliness that will stand in such a stereotype? '

By listening to them, the inner spirit of Shanta began to condemn. He started self-esteem and got himself treated with a sense of worthlessness and got angry with him even after shaking his eyes from the crest. Since then, mother did not come to Patna.

The train was about to reach Hyderabad now that Shantha returned to present.

Shantha was afraid that even if Sneha would behave like that ... what patience is her mother in her? If the composed also told Sneha that she wants a lot, would Sneha behave like Shanta as she did? There were many such questions raised in his mind. The old things were nervous by thinking. On the Hyderabad station, Shanta saw Sneha and had come to compile Sneha had come from Shanta wearing the suit. Shanta remembered her mother in law. He had brought a sari of his choice which Shantha did not wear after making excuses.

Sneha and composed both of them had taken a week's leave, saying, "I have to spend the whole time with you," saying, Sneha fell in love with Shantha's neck, "You have to learn a lot. Cooking is also to learn to cook and decorate the house. You are very much appreciated by the people. "

Take your parents on the way and move towards your home.

Both Rahul and the composer were mesmerizing, "Papa, now let's get frustrated. Sneha had prepared the breakfast of people's choice early in the morning. "

The table was decorated with a variety of snacks. All things were of Shanta and Rahul's choice. Seeing the love of daughter-in-law, the mind of both of them became strained. Shanta was feeling disgusted over the misbehavior with her mother, 'How to get rid of tired and fallen prostrate, who persecuted her mother-in-law,' and go ahead and ask for forgiveness, then she will get peace.

Well, one week has passed in the same way. The fear of Shanta's mind ended. Affection has brought good rites from my parents. He has his own personality, open-minded modern girl. Sasas looks from a friend's perspective. The opponent does not understand. If wish, Shanta also had such a thought, then there would be no sour in relation to Mambethe.

Seeing the affection of affection towards you and his faith, the eyes of peace came alive.

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