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Junkidas, husband of missing Kamala's husband in the Chardham tragedy, was standing in front of him today. But in all so many days all had changed. Now Kamla's grace was on one side and on the other hand, the amount of compensation paid on the other side.
Surendra Kumar | September 12, 2013

All hopes were breaking down The time had passed for more than 1 month for the tragedy of the tragedy. The family members had wandered all over the place, but Jankidas, who went on a visit to Chardham, had nothing to fear.

Jankidas's name was neither in the list of survivors nor in the list of those who died.

Jaakkidas was buried under a pile of rubble, was swept along with the terrible and rapid drift of the sailab and went into any crater or river, no one could say anything properly about this. They were supposed to be included in countless missing people.

In fact, the desire for Junkidas to make pilgrimage to Chardham was very old, but due to financial constraints, he could not fulfill his wish.

When the expense of home was only going to be difficult, where did the money come from for a pilgrimage? But this time, like the death itself had arranged for the visit of Chardham to Jaanki Das.

In other words, Jaanki Das went on a tour of Chardham to go to the gall of the cheek.

In fact, a religious organization of the city had arranged a free Chardham tour with the help of a nobleman. Khanapina, staying, was all for free from the religious institution. In other words, no one's money was spent on the arrival of Char Dham's visit. To facilitate the launch of Chardham, two special buses were arranged by the religious body.

Like many other people, Jankidas also came in the temptation of free travel of Chardham. They thought that they should not let this opportunity go hand in hand in some way.

Without advice from Dharmatpatti Kamala, Jankindas registered his name in a religious institution that has undertaken a free travel scheme without hesitation.

When Jaanki Das told Kamala about this, he could not refuse to visit him on the journey. He would refuse if the question was of expenditure. Chardham's journey was absolutely free, so what could he have done?

All the people, who went on the free Chardham tour in 2 buses, are said to be in Kedarnath that night when the sailab from the devastation descended from the mountains and left everything with them.

There were very few people who could survive the escape and survive.

Most of the people were either swept away in the lake or buried in the debris of dashed buildings.

The number of people who could be found alive or dead was discovered. The government was now saying that those who were unable to live or get lost will be included in the list of missing people.

The number of missing people was in thousands, but the correct figure was not for anyone.

Jankidas also had no introspection, so his name was also among missing people. Missing was neither meant nor alive nor was it meant In other words, for a person, all the pain and agony of the age.

Rouro and tears of Kamala's eyes were dried up as well. After the hope of her husband's survival, she had started worrying other concerns. The biggest and immediate concern of the family was the maintenance of the family.

There was already financial tightening in the house. Due to constraints, the eldest boy Sudhir had to leave the college incomplete and he was on the lookout for some job these days. The little boy was chasing the lamp and was completing his school. He had to make several requests for school fees or book many times. The biggest and most worn concern of Kamala was to the young daughter Suman.

Due to the tragedy, Kamala was already getting disturbed by worrying about getting the young daughter. Always thought that from where will the money come from for the daughter's marriage?

Now the concern of Kamala has taken a more vivid look. Not only was the earner.

Marriage was a distant thing, now the problem of two-hour roti was present. Jankidas used to get only 6 thousand rupees for working on a private shop.

There was a news of sudden relief in Kamala's ears in the dark darkness. He heard on TV that the government is going to pay a compensation of Rs 3 lakh to the families of the missing people along with the dead.

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