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After the said declaration of compensating the government, Kamala started running away to get the compensation amount. For this, Kamla took the help of the same religious body of the city who had sent two buses for free travel to Chardham. The religious institution fully supported Kamala and sent all the documentary formalities to the compensation for getting compensation and forwarded it to him. In order to fulfill documentary formalities, Kamla has to eat in many places.

After this, Kamla has to walk round the office of the religious institution in waiting for the compensation amount.

After all, one day Kamla was told that the relatives of the dead and missing people have started getting check of the compensation amount and he too will get his check of compensation soon. The secretary of the religious institution had asked only 5 thousand rupees for all the hard work, which Kamla said he would give. In the hope of getting the check soon, Kamala started making many plans of the future in her own fantasies.

The compensation amount was Rs. 3 lakhs. Kamla did not even dream of having such a huge amount of money. Such a large amount could solve many problems. Kamala could have made a small business for his elder son, who wandered for this job from this money. The young daughter's daughter could have kept some money for her marriage. Due to the amount of money coming into the hands of the money, the danger of the situation could have been avoided.

The idea of ​​coming to the hands of Rs 3 lakh was awakened by the two wishes inside the Kamala which had never been fulfilled despite the husband's resignation. Even after all this, when Kamla remembered her husband in the silent night, she would get restless and could not sleep. In the same way, one night Kamla was changing the breeches on her bed while thinking about her missing husband, then someone knocked on the door at home.

At first he understood that the knock is the scope of that but it was not the hypocrisy.

The Kamala, changing the taxis, got up and sat down. Look at the clock. It was 2 o'clock in the night. In the second room of the equal room, the child was sleeping in deep sleep.

Who could have gone so late in the night?

Kamla himself questioned himself. His heart started pushing. Many kayal kamla's mind and his body ran shuddering in the body.

Kamla first thought that after sleeping deep in his sleep, wake up the eldest son Sudhir and took him along and opened the door of the house.

After some thought the caterpillar stopped and got up and crossed the Euphrates and came to the door of the house.

"Who is it?" In a low voice, a little leaning in front of the door, Kamala said.

From the other side of the door, the sound of a very slow, obscure and whispering sound was heard.

Suddenly all the body of a caterpillar got cold like ice.

Even after being slow and unclear, Kamala could recognize that voice.

Kamla opened the door with trembling hands with gentle breath.

Just before opening the door, Junkidas stood in front Badhorn They were describing the stories of those troubles themselves, through which they reached the cross. Increased beard, red eyes and tremendous fatigue on the face.

'' You, are you alive? '' Came at the mouth of the cemetery.

"Yes, Deepak's mother. I am alive Do not raise children, I tell you the whole story of your survival, "Junkidas said, entering inside.

When they came inside, Kamala slowly clamped the door and closed the door again.

Junkidas came to the room and started to recite the whole story of his escape from the flames.

Jankidas told his wife that after hearing the warning of water coming out, they ran away from Dharamsala and climbed to a high mountain. As he climbed on the mountains, the fastest lake was taken by Kedarnath. In the darkness of the night, he was not only listening to the fluttering of the flowing water and screaming of the people. After fear, Jankindas went ahead and wandered in the dark. They did not know where they left from wandering. For many days they had to wander the hunger in the forest. Many people resorted to shelter in their home and made bread for them.

Due to the terrible devastation caused by the flood, all the roads of the mountains were closed. In a very bad condition, Jankindas wandered from place to place and then got seriously ill.

In the condition of illness, a group of sadhus kept Jankidas in his tent for several days and treated them and fed them food.

During this, Jankidas remained cut off from the rest of the world. They did not have any account of day and date, but the house was bothered. On being healthy Jankindas was helped by the same sadhus to get away from the mountains, who kept him in his tent for several days and treated him with food.

While coming back home, Jankidas did not know how many times the world had changed behind them in so many days.

? After listening to her husband's feelings, Kamala remained silent for a moment in a humble condition, then she said, "I had lost all hope of coming back to you alive, so to get compensation from the government side Had given the request. The amount of the compensation was only available in the next few days, but before that, you were right back. "

In Kamla's words there was also a pain like hidden inside happiness. Jankidas suddenly got into some sort of thinking.

"How much is the compensation amount?" While thinking about something, Jankeedas asked.

"3 lakh rupees," Kamala replied.

"There is a huge amount. The dream of having such a large amount of money probably we have never seen, "Junkidas filling a cold breath said.

"Yes, the money is big, but not bigger than your life."

'' No Kamala, life is your place and money is your ownplace. With so many money our family can live. We should not do anything that brings back Laxmi, who came to the door. "

"What do you want to say?" Kama said while patting her husband.

"All the people have accepted me as a dead person, Kamala, at this time my life's face may also mean losing money with the amount of compensation. Would not it be nice that I should be in the moorings for the betterment of my family now, "while trying to laugh, Jankidas said.

"What?" In a shock condition, Kamla said, looking at her husband, Kamla said.

"Children are sleeping now, Kamala, before they wake up, I have to go from here. The only thing I should say is to remain alive. I could not do anything for my childhood by living, but by dying alive, I could probably do a lot for them.

"And of course, you do not need to wipe your vermillion. One, you know that I am alive, the second missing person is not counted among human beings, nor the dead in humans, therefore the world can not even finger your load on demand. Let's go now. Before illumination, I have to go out of this city, not just this palace,

Raising from his place, Jaanki Das said.

Kamala's eyes rolled in tears. She leaned and touched her husband's steps.

After this, Jankidas opened the door and lost out in the darkness. The compensation amount was heavy on his life.

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