Story-363 "WANTING" part-1

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The gentle mind of affection wanted to get rid of the discontent of the house. In such a situation, he had instinctively believed Shankar. Which disgraceful form of Shankar appeared, who gave birth to love instead of hatred between the two brothers of affection?

"Yes, I am small, my life will remain small, I will always wear the big brother's descent. Why mother, do not I have any right in this house, "Mahesh said, making a bad mouth.

The night was deep. Kamla came to the kitchen and came out and stood by both the sons. They were both quarreling over some issues.

"When you both leave fighting, I do not understand. What do you guys want Why has this house kept the arena of fighting? To this day, your father fought with me. I have been half-dead with the help of that mental distress. Whatever you are remaining, you are getting both of them together. "

"But mother, why do you always take the side of the big brother, am I not your son?"

"You are always irritated with him," the mother went inside making her mouth.

Well it was also true. Because of the biased behavior of parents, Suresh and Mahesh used to fight very well. Mother's affection was more towards big Suresh, whereas father wanted more than Mahesh only. Both brothers had a younger sister, affection.

The affection of the affection was always unhappy in the battle environment of poor house. Suresh and Mahesh also used to fight for their favor. If the poor person favors one, then the other gets annoyed. Both of them were big. He wanted that all three brothers and sisters be together. Think about the growing problems of the house, read it so that you can get good jobs.

Since he had sensed, the environment of the house was such a horror. The mother took the side of a big brother Perhaps they will feel that they will support their old age. Father struggled with his mother and cares for younger brother. The poor man was frightened of the fear of fighting between them all; Cinderella was dying from morning to evening in the thought that when and how peace can be done in the house.

Regarding the morning debate, she kept sitting in the courtyard that Mahesh Bhaiya considered to be so bad for wearing the big brother Suresh's landline. But the one who has always been wearing the two of them, did anyone ever think about that? She thought, 'Why is such a biased behavior of the parents? Why do these people keep fighting only among themselves? Now all of us are growing up Get the things out of our house, is it a good thing, right? 'Immersed in the tragedy, she quietly finds a solution to the fight of the brothers.

The mind of affection was bored with this environment. He was sitting under the neem tree in the evening in the evening, in the thoughts of one day. Suddenly a small stone piece came to him and dropped. Shocked, he turned back and saw who was there?

Right now he was looking around and saw another piece coming down. This time there was also a small chit with him. Frightened, Sneh ran the eyes in the house. Mother was in the end by chance Both brothers had also gone out. Now he saw a boy hiding behind the tree and looking at him.

With courage, he opened the chit and read it. It was written, 'affection, I know you for a long time. You only read this sitting every evening in this courtyard. I know about all your troubles and know the solution. You meet me tomorrow after the school holiday, near the banyan tree. Then I will tell. Shankar.'

After reading the letter, sweating became sweating due to fear. Shankar lived in his neighborhood. All that was said about him was that he was a boy of a vagina. 'What can be done to solve my problems with her?' The affection of affection got entangled in a great embarrassment.

He also wanted that there should not be a fight in his house. 'How did Shankar know about our house? Should he go to that? 'This is what happened in the morning. He did not even feel his heart at school. Confused in 'yes' and 'no', his mind could not make any decision.

He distributes the attention of the school's holiday bell. 'I see, what is the harm in talking about it,' affectionate thoughts reached the missing banyan tree. Shankar stood in front of him.

"I knew that you would definitely come," Shankar said with a grudge, "Did you see the shape in the mirror in the morning?"

"Why, what happened to my appearance?"

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