Story-364 "WANTING" part-2

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"You are very beautiful," Shankar thrown the trap. The fish in the idea was trapped. And affection also got distracted by two words spoken with intimacy.

After this small meeting, this process started. Shankar meets him every day. Due to that he talked about domestic talk She tries to convince her that she is in every sadness of her. At the same time, he got to know all the situation in the house with affection. He knew quite well about both of his brothers.

He gradually knew that affection has a lot of love for his brothers and he is very tense due to their mutual fighting. Shankar had grabbed this weakness. She wanted to strengthen her position by expressing her false sympathy towards affection. He was a stranger boy, whose job was to trap the gullible girls like affection and straighten their owl.

Now the affection was a little away from the family feuds. She is now immersed in the thoughts of Shankar. Mahesh was also silent about this loneliness, but he remained silent.

Mahesh used to just have to show Suresh down. Both brothers were unaware of the deteriorating situation of the house. If both of them wanted to get rid of the fight, they could overcome the problem. And to be told the truth, those responsible for their position were the monkeys. Dysfunctional life often becomes a victim of frustration. Where there is talk of degrading each other, how can the atmosphere of love remain?

Sneha had told Shankar every day that he should end the fight of his brothers. Shankar also wanted to redeem his weakness. Under his understanding, affection was now trapped in his illusion.

On the other hand Sneha was not familiar with Shankar's bad feelings. He unconsciously believed in him with a simple heart. His soft mind wanted to get rid of the discord of the house.

One day, the same affection was going to Shankar that on the way Big Suresh got on the way, "Where are you going?"

"Brother, I was going to take some notes with my friend," said Sneh.

"Come home, I'll bring you the notes. And after going to the house directly after school, otherwise there will be no worse than me, "the brother threatened.

On that day Shankar remained waiting. The next day he was very angry. Knowing the reason, "I'm sorry, you refuse to come." And both of them who remain missing from home all day, nothing happens. "

That day affection became very scared. From Shankar's face, he wants to take revenge on his brothers. He started thinking that brother could not face any problem due to him. He wanted to explain Shankar, "I will not come to you now. My brothers did not see me again. Even so, you are starting to feel more angry than me. I used to think of you as a good friend. "

"Oh, you got frightened by the threat of brother?" I used to think you were very courageous, "Shankar said sweetly.

"No, there is no scary thing in this. But such coming is not good. "

"Hey, leave, let's sit behind the hill. No one will see you from there, "Shankar threw the dice again.

"No, I'm going home, it's too late today ..."

On this, Shankar thought of adopting the way of militarism These people were just talking that suddenly Sneh's brother Suresh came there. He saw that affection is terrified. Seeing Shankar standing beside him, he got on his forehead.

He asked Shankar, "What are you talking to my sister here?"

"Ask your sister only," said Shankar in a tone.

"I will ask from this, you tell me What came to do with this? "Suresh said in a very loud voice.

"Your sister had called me here today, she used to say that she will go after the hill, nobody will see us there," Shankar was ridiculously laughing.

"What did I call you here?", Affectionately said, "I did not know that you could say such a big lie."

"Oh wow, let our cats and war come down, you only stayed here waiting for me every day."

"Just enough, Shankar, go straight on your way, or else ..." Suresh said with anger.

"Yes, I will go, but only with taking your sister together," Shankar shouted laughingly.

"Just look at my sister's hand and look," said Suresh with a loud slap Shankar's roots.

What was just then, they started getting assault People started gathering there by increasing the noise. The quarrel went on growing A child went and told Suresh's house.

When the mother heard it, she immediately said to Mahesh, "Hey, you heard me. The battle of your brother from the neighboring Shankar is taking place. Just go and look. "

"Why should I go? Has he ever believed me? Always burns with me. Every day quarrel with me It is good, Shankar will come out with the bullets like that, "Mahesh said to the angry.

"But at this point you do not have to fight for that and Ray, affection also stands there. What's the matter, do not you even think of your sister? ''

''this is the matter. Only then will it have to go, affection is my greatest concern. Go now See, what's the matter, "When he got up immediately Mahesh reached the banyan tree and picked it up.

The sight that was seen in front of him was bleeding. Many of Shankar's companions were killing his brother and Shankar stood laughing.

When affection saw her coming, she suddenly cried, "Brother, save Suresh Bhaiya, they have been beaten for a long time for my sake."

Seeing Mahesh being beaten by his brother, Mahesh got frantic.

Then Shankar said with a loud voice, "Lo bhai, another brother came to lobby."

Boys stared at their hands, looked back and saw the blood in Mahesh's eyes.I came. He challenged from there, "Beware, now that someone will lift his hand, I will see each one."

"Hey wow, first look at yourself, everyday is fighting like a brother and a monkey, how is today a lion," Shankar teased.

"Look at you first. When he is fighting for a long time, Mahesh, who is said to be turned back, gave a fist on Shankar's nose and said, "I fight with my house, what do you mean by this? He is our mutual matter, how did you think that you can raise your hands on my sister and brother? '

Shankar was scared of his only one. Meanwhile Suresh got an opportunity to get up too. Then both of the brothers beat up Shankar's lot. His friends left the field and fled.

Seeing Suresh's blood flowing from the forehead, Sneha broke her chin and quickly wrapped her bandage. Mahesh raised Suresh with his strong arms and said, "Come on, let's go home."

With full eyes Suresh made a mark in Mahesh's eyes. There was a love of love, there was a sense of belongingness in place of hatred. There was peace of the house, the unity was realized.

Fraternity grabbed the hands of both the brothers and stood in the middle. Then slowly say,

"I also wanted this as well."

Then all three of us walked towards the house

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