STORY-365 "Do not get stuck in pain" part-1

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Do not get stuck in pain

After defeating death, when Nandita returned home and saw the transformation of Mayank, they felt that the inexhaustible bondage of love, love and faith has gone down.

After defeating death, when Nandita returned home and saw the transformation of Mayank, they felt that the inexhaustible bondage of love, love and faith has gone down. In such a situation, what happened in their life, who showed them the path to overcome the pain in pain?

Nandita quickly opened the lock of the house 6 were ringing. His grandson was supposed to come from Yash School. He immediately cleaned up the breakfast for the sake of washing hands and started preparing for dinner as well. His hands were running very fast, and there was freshness in mind too. He had just returned from the Kitty party now. This group of 15 women of the society seemed to everyone very much. All women were waiting for this day of the month. All these women were around 30 to 40 in age. Nandita was the eldest of the ages, but she was made to look at her cleverness. Because of his kind and friendly nature, he was quite popular. Nandita was a teacher and had just retired. The yoga and darshamam tours kept them tidy. His engineer husband had died a few years ago They lived with their only son Mayank and daughter-in-law Kiran.

When they came home from the Kitty party, their mood was very freshen up. Meet all that was happening Kiran also went to the office. Most of the responsibilities of the house Nandita had taken pleasure in her. If Mayank and Kiran came in the evening, they would have prepared dinner. Kiran burst into the house and chirp said, "Mother, a very nice smell, you have done all the work, let me also leave something for me."

Mayank laughs, '' Kiran, have you got a mother-in-law? ''

Kiran would put his arms around Nandita's throat, "Mother is not mother, mother is mine."

Nandita's heart will be happy on this love of drunkenness, she says, "I live alone all day, I do not know the time when working."

Nandita's fondness was seen by everyone at the death of her husband, none of whom had liked Lidiya's son's son.

After the death of her husband, when Nandita came in the kitty party next month, all the women were sad and serious about their miseries, but they kept themselves very common. In the heart of all women the respect for them increased. He reminisced about the seriousness of everyone's face and said, "You remember people, do not wander in happiness and do not get stuck in grief, when you get pleasure, take it, you get hurt, live as much as you can, without complaining Of Do not leave the fraction of it, its scratches on the mind, accept its results with great courage and go straight through. This is the only life I have understood. "

All the women kept listening to them with damp eyes. Very humble, tolerant, calm, self-respecting, by nature, keeping in mind the pleasures and emotions of others, as much praise as possible. Wondering how many such qualities have come in this one, women may be surprised at times.

Then all of them felt some changes in them. He suddenly started to be dull and sick and when he did not even come in kitty, it was all shocked. It was never before that, Renu and Archana, who lived in Bilinda, went to see them, they were very happy, "Hey, come on, what kind of party today, Latelett you are feeling in people today, so my mine."

He had fever for many days, many of them were tested, the report was there and the rest. If their health was worse then they had to be admitted to the hospital. Everyone went to the hospital to see them. They are happy to see all of them

Their reports have come. Calling Mayank, Dr. Gautam said, "Mr. Mayank, your mother has come HIV positive positive, the effect has now changed to stage-3 AIDS due to which many parts of her body have been affected like kidneys, berries etc. "

Mayank wondered, after a while, calmly said to him, "Mummy takes so much care of her health, she is religious," then she said a little bit, "Papa did not stay even a few years ago; Where have you been? '

Dr. Gautama seriously said, "You have read, what is the use of religion and AIDS? Is physical connection only a way to spread HIV and now, why, how much more important is how to save their lives? Today there are many types of treatments that can prevent this disease, but it is important to tell them about it, to which they themselves take all precautions and join us in treatment because now we have to shift them to AIDS salon. ''

Mayank asked Dr. Gautam to tell him only. Nandita remained silent when she came to know After some time, Mayank came and sat down without touching her eyes. Nandita kept looking at her face with gravity and then dared to take care of her and said, "Why are you so silent, honey?"

"Mother, how do you get this disease ..."

While preparing himself to explain the situation to the son, he began to tell, "You will remember, your father had to sacrifice blood when he had a severe accident. At that time no one was conscious and probably some of those who had donated blood Donat had some of these diseases, such doctors later guessed it. Your father survived that accident at that time, but this disease spread his body rapidly and took his life. I told everyone that their heartfelt has happened. I did not want to let them die.


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