STORY-366"Do not get stuck in pain"part-2

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"You will remember that you were at the hostel at that time and had reached home only after their death. Our society looks matured from above but not from inside. Taking our AIDS, our society still suffers from many prejudices. "

Mayank's eyes were filled with looking at the face of the mother. He got up and returned home quietly.

Nandita was shifted to AIDS cell. They think that this disease is not so horrible as the atmosphere created by it. All were unhappy with their own pain In that ward, there were 60 years old and 18 year old youth too. That was the impact of the environment or the disease, the condition of them was getting worse. Every day, for the sake of some type of blood, he would be suffering from a lot of pain, how many medicines he was given, how many injections he had, he would have been lying on his bed all day. Now with them was just the loneliness of them. He used to be anxious to talk to meak, Kiran and Yash for the night, but after the diagnosis of the disease, Kiran did not even have a foot in the hospital, and now Mayank, after several days, will also go and play with a standing formality.

Nandita's liver had been cut, what had happened? When a woman from their group came to see them, they would rise like they were. Some women were cut off by telling the absence of time but many women used to visit them. They all ask for mobility. After getting somebody's heart, ask him and his men with a beard, but no one is able to see the nature of both. Anyway, people of the metropolis do not have much meaning, nor do anybody accept any kind of intervention in their life nowadays, especially people like Mayank and Kiran.

Whenever someone went to see Nandita, it seemed that he had a desire to live somewhere, on the strength of this will, he started recovering very fast and after 5 months he became completely healthy and normal. They were very happy. They were returning home after winning a major war by defeating death but they did not know that everything had changed in these 5 months.

Mayank was very serious while bringing them home. Nandita thought that everybody is getting inconvenience for so many days, in just a few days everything will be alright as before. They wanted to see success soon and even Kiran did not come to meet them. He would be so sad Thinking of all this came home thinking. Mayank was quiet all the way. He was just hanging out.

When Mayank opened the lock, he stunned, "Is not Kiran at home?"

Mayank silent They put the bags inside. Nandita asked again, "Where are Kiran and Yash?"

"Mother, after discovering your disease, Kiran did not want to stay here with a fame. We have taken the flat on rent. "

Nandita felt that the bondage of all the love, love and faith was broken in one stroke, all the sensations of her became zero. Sad, dry, empty-headed, looking at meek with my eyes, sat quietly into the ocean of pain. He stayed lonely, silent, stunned, then Mayank broke the silence, "Mother has arranged a full-time med, she will be coming. You will not have any problem and there is a call. "

Nandita remained silent and went to Mayank.

Latabai came and took over all the work. As soon as Nandita came to know about her coming home from the hospital, her friends reached her to meet him. Seeing the silence of their home, seeing the sadness of their eyes, the feelings of those whose friends were immersed in them were not words to express them, and silence in the words where they give up.

Nandita kept asking everyone's motivation and started trying to keep herself relaxed and said, "You do not think about me being alone, you will get a habit of it too, it is all right and you are people, Where am I alone? "

Everyone was amazed at the joys of them, and then everyone in their house became busy. Their own rule started. Morning walks, spending a little time in the garden with our ladies, returned to their home. Everyone had noticed that they no longer used to take the name of their son-in-law, grandchildren.

Some time and the past. Kiran's job came in the wake of the economic recession and Mayank got high blood pressure due to the tension of the office. Her health began to worsen. The holiday she could not take. There was a sales manager in a private company of medicine, there was a pressure of work only. There were royal expenses of both, there was no special saving. So far Nandita came to live with. Nandita also had her deposited with her husband, who was financially secure for her husband's future, with whom she was financially capable even today. Now Latabai did not work like a full-time med, but just used to come work day and night. Nandita had a habit of living alone.

Kiran's parents lived with her son in the US. Kiran was running for his jaw. Yash was unable to care properly. Mayank and Kiran started remembering Nandita. Now he felt the need for Nandita. Anyway, Nandita had become healthy now.

One day, both of them got near Nandita and brought them together. Some of her friends were sitting near Nandita. Mayank sat quietly before, and then gently spoke to them, "Mother, you have to talk to someone alone."

When their friends undertook to rise, Nandita stooped down, "These are all my own, my companions of sorrow, whatever I have to say, can say."

Mayank was hesitant, Kiran had bowed his head, Yash was sitting in the lap of Nandita.

Mayank said, "Mother, we want to come here to you here. We have been mistaken, forgive us. "

Nandita said in a flat voice, "No, now you guys will not be here."


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