STORY-366"Do not get stuck in pain"part-3

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Nandita said in a flat voice, "No, now you guys will not be here."

Mayank kept his tears in his head, telling his economic and physical problems, he kept apologizing. Sushma and Archana, while pointing to Nandita's hand on the shoulder, said Nandita, "No Sushma, they should also realize that when they take their hands at the time of trouble, how much life is worthless, trust name How the thing gets shattered. I have understood and I say to all I should not forget my old age while chasing my children, she will come at all.

"Do not let the child bear with you in old age but your saved money will be yours. When a child gets angry, then how does one fight with the loneliness of old age, with diseases, step by step, with the death of death, how? I know only that the past time has taught me what I spent. Mother does not want revenge, but every parent wants to tell her children that what is ours is theirs tomorrow, but seeing today, where does one think about tomorrow, but remembers today on tomorrow's arrival, "Bolt Bolte His throat came full circle.

Silent shadow for a moment. Mayank and Kiran joined hands, "forgive us, mother We made a mistake. "

Yash quietly looked at everyone and then asked Nandita, "Grandma, Mumipapa is speaking Sauri? Are you still angry? ''

Nandita gave a smile to the innocent face of Yash, and the smile spread on everyone's faces. Sushma and Archana got up and said, "We walk."

Nandita felt the journey of life is so strange, how many things happen suddenly, sometimes when happiness is transformed into gum, there is a difference of happiness from the middle of the gam.

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