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Munni goes infamous

When the smallest and everybody's house in his house lost his love for Mohit and lost his love, he himself did not know. What happened in the love of the delicate twist of age that Munni himself fell down from his eyes?

When the childhood of Munni, who had stepped into adulthood, was not lost in the love of Mohit, she did not know herself. What is the last thing between Mohit and Poetry that he was completely broken and fell into his own eyes?

"Mummy, my lunch box," the poem burst into the kitchen screaming.

"Ready, you are late, you wake up late and lift the whole house on the head. that is not good.''

'' Just, Mom, it's done. Now my lunch box also has two Early tomorrow, I will say, "Poetry looking at the side of her mother.

His mother also used to be angry with him over the top. They know that the poems do not improve. It's a daily job of him.

Poetry embraced Mummy to express love and said,

"Bye mummy."

"Bye son, do paper well."

The mother of poetry, Namrata, was busy working to get her daily work done. In the house of poetry, her parents, 1 brother, grandfather, Tautai and her two daughters live. Poetry is the smallest of all in his house and everyone is crazy. All love so much from him. All in love call her Munni.

Poetry was a beautiful girl of 17 years. His full-fledged body and playful nature was easy to attract to anyone. He used to call Munni all with love in the village. Munni, who had stepped into adulthood, was still childish. Her 12th class annual examinations were going on. To give the paper, he had to go to the high school of Kasub, 18 kilometers away from his village.

Going from town to town makes excitement in it. She feels like she has become free. By wearing a clip in her hair, white necklace in the neck, wearing a small dot on her forehead, looks very attractive and beautiful in the school's dress.

One day his friends were waiting for him. As soon as he reached, everyone started to get angry at him.

'' Munni's daughter, lie again today, '' Minu quote.

"From tomorrow we will not wait for you, yet another bus has left," Sujata also reprimanded.

"Sauri, get late but do not take tension. I am not, '' Munni said, '' Come on, just come. From the bus stand to the school, the cost of the auto is mine. "

Just stayed, all the girls and others climbed on the bus. Munni and his chatter of his friends in the bus were drawing attention of everyone.

Seeing the boy Munni, some excuses were desperate to touch him. Munni's stare at the boys did not look good from outside but she would be happy from inside and boast of her beauty.

Just reached the town, all the passengers landed. Seeing the fluffy, awkward boys, swarming girls, there was a sense of separation between them.

Munni grabbed a friend's hand, "Come on, come with a loaf. All of you have to wait here, "They came with the auto, and all sat in it and reached the school on time.

Many outsiders and students were standing near the school gate. They were looking at groups of all the girls coming. The girls went inside and ignored them and went inside. There was a lot of fun inside. All the students were roaming around Idhrauddhe. Some were looking at their roll number noticeboard, reading some books and going towards some rooms.

"Hi, Everybody," A boy talked to them and said.

"Hi, Avinash," "Poetry quote.

"Did you see the roll number?" Avinash asked.

''no not now.''

"Give your roll number two, I see, in what room is your seat," Avinash took the roll number of everyone.

All the girls started talking while waiting for Avinash while standing under the tree.

"Take this, your roll number is room no. Room No. 4 and everyone else's room no. 5, "Avinash came and said.

"Oh, my roll number did not come with all of you," the poem disappointed and said.

All of them greet each other with papers and greet their room. In the poetry room, some students belonged to the same school and some were from his school. A boy named Mohit was sitting beside him.

During his papers, Mohit started his friendship. Mohit was the only son of the famous lawyer of the town. She was very smart and wealthy at home. Many girls of her school died on that, but she did not give any emotion to anybody. During the papers, the poetry was different from all the poems.

It's a good idea to talk poetry to Mohit. For the first time, he liked a boy too. Mohit Rose talks to the group of poetry with some excuse. Everyone likes to talk about that

On the last papers, Mohit gave a letter and a flower to the poem. The poem could not understand anything, "Mohit, what is this?"

"Going home and reading, all will know. But look, do not get angry at me Whatever is written in this, all is true;

The poem saved the eyes of the girls and put the letter in the bag and reached the lovers waiting for the bus.

"Hey poetry, made a big delay, how did the paper happen?"


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