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"It is good, the parrot given by the mummy was delayed."

"What was Mohit saying?"

Nothing was asking like this

After that, who will get admission in the college? I said in Dronacharya College. "

"Where will she take it?" Girls asked.

"I know, I did not talk much," poetry quote and only then the bus stopped. The girls ran towards the bus, the poem looked back and looked back. Mohit was sitting under the tree looking at him. Mohit pointed to Bye by raising his hand, but the poem bowed his head and got on the bus. He was curious about the letter in his mind. All the way he did not say much, just thinking about something.

"Stop brother," said the girls.

The conductor played whistle. Just stopped and all the girls got down.

"Well, after one and a half months, I will go for admission in college. On the phone will tell you how much to go. "

Along with this, all went to their own home by doing one another.

As soon as he entered the house of poetry, "Munni son, how did the paper happen?" Mummy asked.

''very good. Mummy is hungry, give me food. "

"Okay, you wash your hand. I serve food by heating. "

After eating the poem, the poem went straight into his room, closed the door and quickly read out the letter:

'Dear poetry,

Since you have seen, I do not sleep. I want to meet you. you are very good. Will you be friends with me? My no 9813000 × × Call me Do not mind my talk. But it is true, I love you

has gone. I will eagerly wait for your phone.

Bye, take care. '

Read the letter of the poem and read the letter of poetry. She was happy and also felt an unconscious fear. She liked to fascinate him too. He was from the simple family and was the son of a well known lawyer of Mohit town. They had two shops of bulk of their own cars, Bangla and Dada and many servants were there.

Poetry was so proud that she liked Mohit in the fashionable girls of the town. She was happy. Poetry asked for a phone call from his Tai on the pretext of any excuse.

"Big mom, call me, where is your phone?"

"Put in the room, take it."

Tai's daughter went out with her daughter Neeta and Sangeeta. Poetry went on the rooftop to get the number of Mohit

"Hello," "Poetry Quotes Slowly.

"Hello, poetry," Mohit was excited by the excitement.

"How did you recognize that the call of poetry is?"

"I get to know. I was eagerly waiting for your phone. It took a long time to think, then what did you think?

''I am scared.''

"Hey, just have to make friends and you are scared? Speak too now. ''

"Well, I have approved," the poet disconnected the phone just by saying so much. His heart was throbbing heavily. He felt some strange feeling in the body, shuddering with the voice of fascination.

After that every time he did not know about Mohit, what did he think?

There was a similar situation of Mohit. At 12 o'clock in the night, he called on the number of poetry, "Hello."

On the other hand, Tauji of Poetry got up from sleep and picked up the phone with a flurry and said, "Hello."

On hearing the voice, the phone was cut off from the other side.

"Maybe someone might have got a rouge number," Tauji murmured and fell asleep.

The second day was the awakening of the poem's aunt's house. In the morning he went with his sisters there. All day he assisted Aunt in the preparations for Jagaran and went awake all night. In the middle, his attention was on the way towards Mohit.

As soon as the next morning, he took aunt's phone and went to the rooftop to call Mohit.

"Hello, Mohit."

'' Where have you been? What is the limit, could not a phone call? Where were you? "Mohit was speaking.

"Mohit, I did the call."

"What did you do?" I had called on your number on Tuesday, maybe your father had picked up the phone. "

"What ..." cried a poem from the mouth of the poem.

'' When did you fool, it is my Tauji's phone. Do not vote for the second time, you will kill me. "

'' Poetry, give your number, '' Mohat said.

"My number, I do not have a phone."

"Oh," came out of Mohit's mouth, "Can you come in today's town?"


"Can you come?" He replied without answering.

The poem began to think again, "Today, I can not come tomorrow."

"Okay, meet Raju Tea's dhaba at 9 in the morning, okay?"

'' Okay, '' poetry quote.

Poetry spent the night thinking about what Mohit would have done. There was also a great desire to meet him with Mohit. Kavita got up in the morning and said to her mother, "Mummy, I have to buy Mehandi and some of my belongings, give me the money. I will go to the bus at 8.30 hrs. "

"Pardon demand as much as you need and come home early."


After getting ready, poetry kept looking ahead to the mirror for a long time. He wore a white suit, left his hair open, purse, and got caught up in front of Raju. 9 hours and 10 minutes were there but Mohit was not visible anywhere. Then he heard the sound of the car. See, the fascinated car was driving and he stopped the car a little ahead of the dhaba.

Mohit opened the door, "Poetry, sit."

The poem sat down, "How are you?"

"Well, how are you?"

"I am not right," Mohit smiled and said the poem was shocked.

"Poetry, there is something for you, pick this bag and open it."

''What is it?''

"Open and see for yourself," poetry opened the bag. There was a mobile phone in it.

"Phone, but I can not keep it, Mommypapa will get angry."

"Who is saying to tell the MummyPapa? Hide it I amI will call the victim. "

Poetry is not much fanatic. she was very happy. Sitting on the seat with Mohit, the poem was lying in the head of the poem. She seemed as if she was melting.

"Mohit, take the car back to the bus stand, I have to go home and talk at night."

"What's hot, after a while

Go away. "

"No, Mommy will get angry."

Mohit kept the hair falling on the mouth of the poem and followed him with his hand. Now the poem was bad. Mohit's touch touched him in the middle. He could not say anything. Mohit saw his slick eyes and shy face. She looked very good to him. He left it to the bus stop.

Both of them left the other with a laugh.


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