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Now the phone rang between the two started. 2 months passed, they did not know. The call of the poem in the house did not happen to anyone. Do two things overnight. Admission started in college. The poem and the rest of his friends had also taken admission.

After a long time, both were going to meet, even after talking on the phone every day, they had the guts to see each other. Poetry and menus science and the rest of the friends have the comers. Mohit also took admission in science. After a few days, falling into the house of Menu broke the leg bone. He could not go to college for two months. Poetry and Mohit took full advantage of this fact. Come to the fascinated car Both of them went bankrupt and went to roam the college. At this age of age, they did not have time to delude. Poetry, Mohit was more confident than himself.

Time passed by. One day enticed him to take a place where there was a forest. Both descended from the car and then Mohit placed his hands on his back. Poetry seemed like a bit, well, it was also good. He believed in fascination. Mohit started touching different parts of his body. Now it is over Then Mohit did something like that poetry said, "Mohit, please do not do it."

"Nothing will happen, poetry believe me, I will marry you only. Do not you trust me? ''

Poetry Mohit got the throat Probably was enough to seduce both of them. The life of both changed. There was a continuation of such visits. Now Mohit would take him to the hotels. The series continued for 3 years. Now they could not live without each other.

Mohit had a love for poetry and he agreed to marry both of them. They were happy in the joy of captivating Both of them are no longer afraid.

After some time Mohit's laptop got spoiled. He sent him to Chandigarh. In a few days, his laptop was cured. Mohit's father decided to send him to Chandigarh to study. When the mind of the poem became unhappy, Mohit said that you too should go. They made the excuse of a liar's jaw. As the poet convinced his parents, His family first sanctioned the sending of the salon package and then sending it well. Both of them started living together. During this time one day in Mohit's college

A boy hit him, "Man, you're out very secretly. What a pleasure, who is this girl, do you ever join us. "

Mohit could not understand which girl is talking about him. He shrank his eyebrows and asked,

"Which girl?"

"The same girl with whom you ..."

"Hey, why is it creepy? No girl You are not speaking like that. "

"Well, who is this, in the phone of Nick's?" The poetry and Mohit had a complete picture of MMS. The ground beneath his feet slipped.

He wondered, "Where did you get this from?"

Nicul said, "Man, it is near every single boy in college and it has come to hear that there is a lot of demand in Delhi, Chandigarh and Mandi."

Mohit's view was worth seeing. He became stronger than sweat After wiping sweat she came out of college as well as went straight to the poem. After listening to all the poems, the poem started crying that what will happen now. Mohit said, do not worry. I will marry you only, but it is not okay to be here now. Both of them decided to return home. Both of them packed their luggage and walked out of the house. The poem was very scared.

What has happened. Then they came to know where these laptops were leaked from where the laptop was given to fix them. But what could be done now. After going home, Mohit proposed marriage. All went happily with a relationship and went to the poem's house. It was a matter of fact, the date of the marriage was fixed, but their love probably seemed to have their own eyesight. After 2 days he was standing in the market, his friend Mukesh seized him and came to him and said, "Mohit, man, you had a lot of fun before marriage with sister-in-law."

''what do you mean?''

"Bhole Mian, your fun MMS has reached the phones of boys of all the towns."

Mohit now realizes why all were looking at him with strange eyes. Talking to Mohit's father, he refused marriage. Still Mohit was firm on his point. He had a court marriage with poetry but now he could not move anywhere. Everyone joking about them. His future seemed to be dark, and in a few days he got divorced from poetry.

The poem was not of the house, because he could not go home or anywhere else. He saw the palace of his happiness being dashed himself. He was completely broken and fell out of his own eyes. He wanted to give himself such a punishment that he died every day

She did not even have the charm that she loved. He thought, what goes on with boys, bad girls are girls. The boys also raise their heads even when they are so much, but where do the girls go? Do not let them live the society.

A mistake of the poem caused much slander to his family.

For many days his parents did not get out of the house. Many elderly people explained to him, gave courage, then they went out of the house and went out. Those whose poems did not belong to the family members, they used to sing loudly in their homes 'Munni badnama darling tere taar ...'. But now even if the family of poetry does so One mistake of their child was to break them in. And people slowly forgot that thing.

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