I Just Won The European Championship in Fitness & Bodybuilding 🙏

4년 전

Hello everybody!

I was away for a while from the Steemit because I had big plans I worked on.
It was about new competition season which I opened in Hungary with European Championship

It was a great experience, there was a lot of great guys with really good physique. Before the stage, at the backstage I was a little bit nervous because I was looking at those guys, competitors in my category, I was thinking "omg, they are really better and bigger than me... I will take the last place sure!"

But, as we know, there is nothing over until it's over... In this case, until the judges (10 of them) say what they think.

There left 5 of us in the finale and my team was really excited because they see us from a distance, and can better judge who is better and they were convinced that I was the best and that I would take first place.

Anyway, there left 2 of us... Competitor from Serbia (20 years older than me) and I from Croatia.
It was really excited and then.. They declared me as the champion of Europe!


I was so happy that I almost cried... Not because of that first place, but because what it takes to stand here and be the champion... I trained 2 times per day for that, and also I quit my job so I can train.
I spent a huge amount of money on food and supplements and everything else so I can be there, but the hardest part of everything was discipline myself and stay on track with really hard diets.

It's hard to realize for "normal" people how hard is it to be ready to stay here with those guys at the stage... It takes huge sacrifice and effort! Just imagine to train twice per day without any energy and your only food that you can eat is cooked chicken or egg whites... Well, it feels pretty bad to do that you really feel week and sick.


All in all, it was a wonderful experience with lots of well-known new beautiful people. This is first competition this year and I already have new competition (Balcan Championship) at next Friday, so I can't stop now and take a rest, I even need to push harder and be the better!
Also after the competition, I ate a looot of junk food, I give my body some energy so I can keep it up easier but I only gained 8 kg of water and then I feel really bad and sick and my digestion was really bad so first I need to get rid of that water and make better physique. It will be a hard job but let's see, I think I can do it again :D

There was one more guy from Croatia and he was in really brutal form!
He's really great potential for bodybuilding and I hope that he will achieve a lot of success! I was really happy to meet someone like him because he is really great motivation for keep pushing because you can see how many effort and pain he give to achieve the body he have...


I will try to explain to you how do I prepare myself for upcoming competition if you agree with that? I want to hear what do you think also about sharing my diet and training routine with you. I hope that it will help someone!

Thank you for reading and have a great rest of your day!


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Congratulations! Your hard work and discipline paid off! I've heard how challenging it can be to prepare for an event. I'd like to know about how you used diet and training to achieve your goals. Thanks for sharing and congrats again for your win!


Thank you very much @kiwicanfly!
Sure, I will try to post as much as I can everything about my contest preaparation :)
Thank you again ;)

This is great! We are proud of you!


Thank you a lot @dumar022! :))


Nothing you can tell me about nutrition or exercise will help me get a body more like yours, because that information is the easy part of what you have accomplished.

Your dedication, obvious diligence and consistency are what you have that is so special. I wish I was a bit more like you!

Can you share how you avoided the failures we all see in nutrition?

Again, congrats!


Sure, I will write post about that soon! :))
Thank you @nwtdarren for your kind words ;)


You're welcome! YOU earned it - I'm just here enjoying the show. Come running some time. We have good trails here :)

Svaka čast! Zanima me kako i zašto ste toliko tamni? (nije šala, stvarno me zanima)


To je boja koja se nanosi bas za natjecanje iz razloga da se misici bolje istaknu a i reflektori od pozornice su dosta jaki pa bi se od golu kozu samo odbijalo svjetlost i nebi se nista vidjelo @gingergeorge 😊


Eto, nešto san naučija. To san se uvik pita zašto :) Fala ti ;)