It Is Finally Over! World Vice-Champion! I'm so happy!

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Hello dear friends!

Well, if you have read some of my previous posts, you probably know that I was preparing a long time for competitions in fitness and bodybuilding, more precisely in Men's physique category.
So this year I finished with a 2x first place and one big and my favourite second place, which was this weekend at Huge World Championship! It's not a small thing to be second in the world, I'm so happy because of that and truly proud of myself! I can finally say "I did it!"


The competition was placed in Slovenia this time. It was not so far away from my place (~4 hours of the ride)
Last year World championship was placed in Spain, so I needed to go with the plane and that was horrible... It's not that easy to stay calm and to ride so long when you are so tired of preparation.

The competition was really big, guys in my category were really great and in the great condition for sure! Everyone's worked hard for that day and to be in the finale is a really big thing (top 5), To be a champion is a huge thing but also to be a vice-champion is such a huge thing for me as I was first!
There were I think 10 guys in my category so it was a really big pleasure to stand at the stage with 10 great guys from all around the world! The interesting thing is that the champion was from Croatia, as I am! So it was really great feeling when your country is that successful, and you are the part of that!

A guy who was first was really great! In the really awesome condition with a great physique and genetic! Full muscles, big, lean... I don't have word for that, really big respect!


For me, the best part of competitions is to meet new peoples!

I love to train! I love to look good! I love to go to competitions...
But most of everything I love to go to competitions and to meet new peoples, competitors, guys with the same vision...
In this sport, many times you will feel lonely and "different", that's because you are really different from others! You need to train every day, you need to carry food in the plastic everywhere with you and to eat outside... While your friends eat's burgers, you will eat cooked chicken and smell that burger while you are hungry as hell... But still, at the end when you hear your name from the main judge, and you realize that you have some results and trophy, which you earn with your work, sacrifice, blood and tears... Everything is worth it... One day you can stand in front of your grandchildren and show them trophies, pictures and everything... I dream about that!


My Team

One more time I need to mention my team in all of this! Without them, I could not do it all alone...
One of the biggest motivation and support in all of this is my girlfriend which is also world vice-champion in Bikini model category. I'm really proud of her! It's not that easy to work 8 hours per day, train twice per day, be on a hard diet and to be vice-champion (before that 2x World Champion)
She needs to be really big motivation for everyone!

My team consists of 4 competitors and usually, we have 1-2 friends who help us a lot with painting and everything!


Our mentor, 51 years old competitor in Masters Bodybuilding took 2nd place too! Awesome results!
And our lady, 60 years old competitor in masters took 6th place! Great results too!!

All in all, this year was great with awesome results, I won a European and Balkan championship and I think now is finally time for some rest and relax. I already gained 4-5 kilograms from Saturday and that's just prove that I was long time in unnatural state of the diets and body was in dangerous. So, now it's time to recover the body and mind and to be even better next year!

Thank you everybody for reading this and have a great day!


One minute free pose down - Balkan Championship 2018

The Title of The Balkan Champion Goes To Me


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Thats pretty amazing. Congratulations! You've clearly worked hard to get were you are and look forward to hearing more about your future success.


Thank you very much!
Yes, I worked really hard for that but now it's all worth it!
Thank you one more time and best regards too! :)


Y'all worked hard for it. So y'all deserve it! 💪👍