My Team - My Everything! I Would Not Do Anything Without Them

4년 전

Hello dear friends!

After my post about how I became a European Champion in fitness (Men's physique category), I want to introduce my team here to you...

It is very hard to go through hard diets and training, especially if you are alone in that. Luckily I'm not alone and I have the best team with me!
We all have great results and I'm so proud of us!


My trainer, a 51 years old bodybuilder who teaches us about everything! He is in bodybuilding for about 35 years now and he really has huge knowledge about everything you need to prepare yourself for competition! He teaches us about diets, training, posing, and small tricks for last weeks of preparations.
He just became a vice-champion in Men's physique (over 40 years) too! Until now he won a National championship and lots of more :)


Then, here is my girlfriend, actual world champion in Bikini model category!
I'm so proud of her... Actually, she won world championship 3 times in the row!!!
Now she placed 2nd at European Championship, but the competition and other girls were really great!

I'm laso proud of both of us because we went through the preparations together and it is not so easy... Just imagine hungry and exhausted couple for months, we did not fight even once :D
But, it is not that easy as it maybe looks, it's very hard to live normally and to prepare yourself for fitness competition! Training and workout twice per day is the easiest part! Just imagine to train 12x per week and eating nothing but chicken and fish... You are hungry and our of energy already after 2 weeks, but you need to do it at least 2 months!
That's why I'm proud of us, and I know that we can go through everything after we prove that we can go through this!


And at the end, our biggest pride and a new competitor in our team - Queen of 59 years!
I don't know what to say about this woman... Just imagine some women of 60 years who has just started practicing and has already come to the competition. And this is our queen who has 60 years olf but when you talk with her it seems like she is at least 30! Really beautiful women inside out! Like or second mom :D


That's something about my team of competitors. There is also our friends who helps us with competition colours, driving and many more, without them we would not be able to do everything alone.


I Just Won The European Championship in Fitness & Bodybuilding 🙏


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