A Weekend full of Books


I love reading and books attracted me since my childhood. There is something about them that I cant describe. Whatever the story is, it takes you to a different world. You wont be just a reader or a watcher, but a part of the story. It feels like you are there in it playing one of the roles. It helps you to focus and come out of the daily problems of life. At least you wont think much or care much about whats going on in your life at that moment, but rather focus on whats going on in the story itself.

I love historical books, as they contain a lot of information about our ancient civilizations. Some secrets that you wont find anywhere else. I know we are in the Golden Age of technology, butyou cant find everything on the internet. There are some things that you can find only in books. Thats why books are very valuable.

I heard a lot about Zecharia Stichin and his great work. I heard about him for the first time in the History Channel show "Ancient Aliens", then followed his work on Youtube. I got two of his books "The 12th Planet" and Genesis Revisited. I am really excited and started with "Genesis Revisited". Will write my review as soon as I am finished with reading my new treasure :D


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