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The responsibility of a writer / writer is to present some examples / examples to his readers so that they benefit from reading it. A writer is not able to write just what he thinks of sitting with a notebook, because he is involved in writing a country
#social_culture_text_or_values Whether he uses a writing technique in his story, it takes a reader to take it for granted
They do not think once and it is just the imagination of the writer.
Story 1 → A few months ago, I read in the story of #Rubaiyat_Latin #Mughes_Alove, where two family members of a family were told, how they 2 brothers and sisters protected each other and saved themselves from the bad behavior of their relatives and parents. Achieved the desired goal of life.
The story was so realistic and sensitive that many people believed it to be true (I too). It is just a matter of fact that after the 50+ episode of the story, the author wrote that the main girl character (Aliza + Muslim) falls in love with a foreigner (Eric + Christian) and later married her.
Story 2 → Yesterday # Wahida_Sulatana, a writer named in her story tells that two boys and girls will never get to each other, knowingly love. In the same sequence, they once abandoned the #home_families, they could not die together, but they could die.
(Though short stories say that the author did not specify the story) to keep the twist in the story. After the escape, the boy took the girl in her own hands
Feeding food, bathing in the fountain, reading saris, remembering the ascending sun and the end result of the twilight, is thrilled with fear
Hugging the other, what I was saying was that the heroine of this story was Muslim and hero Hindu.
So much so that the introduction and the statement have come to the summit: -
We are a country and a nation that, before everything, has all kinds of activities based on religious beliefs and its allies. But in this 2 story, writing writers used to use a somewhat diversified form of engineering.
For example: - Muslim children are married to some other religion, but they are firm in their own religion and their marriage follows the customs of both religions.

Here is my problem. I will not say about other religions because I am inexperienced about it but because the writers are Muslim, so can I say that according to the rules of religion other than the people of the same religion
It is forbidden to marry someone in religion unless the other religion man voluntarily accepts Islam. There is more if someone distorts religion according to their own wishes and is influenced by the new rules created by him, if anybody acts sin, then the sinner and the religion distorted
Both of them will be sinners.
Finally, just say this: Honorable authors / writers Your stories are very beautiful, but at the same time, your writing will awaken the conscience of the people and the reader should not reveal the wrong doctrine of religion.
If there is a mistake in writing, sincerely sorry + if there is any question about the Islamic words, then asking any teacher asks for more details.

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