A untold story

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Amanisa seems like she is sitting in front of a dead man. Vijaya laughs at her and looks at him. In such a situation, how can a person laugh, he can not understand.
Amanisa, are you?
Amanisa shook his head.
You got very hurt, do not you? I do not know myself. I do not know.
Amanisa did not say anything. Kevin stood beside the window. Vijay looked at it for a while and said,

  • Will you keep one thing?
    -List, I'll try as much as I can.
    Do not trouble yourself by remembering the angle in the beginning. Start life by doing it.
    -Don't know
    -Phile Amanisa ...
    -What we say, how much can we do or not? Life does not work in our rules.
    He said the words of caught throat he said.
    The doctor is calling out from outside. Amaniisa stood up, it should not be long enough.
  • Come on today.
    -be well.
    I'll see you again.
    Vijay laughed with a sigh and laughed,
    If you have survived
    Anmaniya started moving out of the cabin and shouting randomly.
    Victory of blood cancer has been detected on the day after the engagement. He forgot about Nishi's choice and dislikes and agreed to marry him. And only after few weeks, he was supposed to be married to victory. Here, everything is kind of shuffle.
    After listening to the tears of several stairs, Amaniasa sat down there. She went to the cabin of victory, and she lost her power.
    It was heard from my father that the mother was very fond of the name of Amarnisa .. Dark night of the new moon is dark in one word. She may have never seen her life in the light. Mom's mother died only a few days later, then only the relative's grandfather, and now victory! But what will he want to do in his life, will he be like this? No, he does not want to influence his name and anyone else. How much difference between the dream created and the broken! Haje not lost!
    Amanisa waited for Baba sitting in the verandah. Mobarak Hossain always returned home before 7pm in the evening. Today has not returned yet. There is an unknown fear among the growing of the night, so much so that the father can not even think of Amanisa and can not think. Twelve markets are ringing in the clock. The bar has not yet arrived. Amanisa is sitting in the front of the face. It is just crying for the cry of eagerness, loneliness, darkness should be on the chest The fear of accumulation increases the pain and the pain ...
    He saw the sound of someone's feet and looked at Ammanisa. He saw the shadow in the light of his face. He did not wait. He did not wait even for a moment. When he ran to his father, he started crying and hugging his father. Mobarak Hossain hugged the girl and said,
    -Have you got me, mother?
    The rest of the words stopped in the tears of weeping.
    Amanisa is going out through the gate. If it is not necessary today, then the university does not come. It is 4-5 months since the college was opened. Today, after seeing him many years of surprise, he is looking at it. There is no match for today's inhumanity. The eyes do not glaze over. What is happening on the other side does not care for anything. They did not even notice that it was beside the gate. She came back to the house, because she is not, because the house is also in the water.
    It was the first time ever to go to sleep at night, that he would not be able to sleep today. The thoughts are rotting on the mind. Mother-father, Ani, Amanisa .................. As time goes on , The issues of thinking continue to change.
    -What is the father gone?
    -Come to go, Dad.Please.
    -Mama, how many people have returned this way in the last one year, thinking only about your sufferings. Do not you want to be a family like other girls?
    If you do not want to be victorious, always do not fulfill all the demands, sometimes people have to leave the world even with a lot of big drawbacks.
    -The people have come up with so many days. At least ......
    Amanisa cried, crying said in the throat,
    I can not go, father. You tell them to leave.
    Mobarak Hossain is riding with a ladder. This is the first time Ammanisa has turned his father back to the sad face. That's why, for a long time, the eclectic environment has become so quiet that one leaf leaves are not moving.
    The people are still being heard. Amarnisa turned around. She could not forget the sad face of the country. She stopped immediately, she reached the ceiling, and the door was coming forward.
    All people learn to understand as much as they are. If you see them, they will change the way.
    -How did you come?
    -Why is not you unknown? Why do you say that?
    -go back.
    -Amanyaisa, I have received whatever I have asked for God. So when I said nothing, I did not want anything like that. I wanted something simple ... I think so. It's so ... (stopped for a while) I stay with you till death Like, Amanisa.
    But I want to stay with my father till death.
    -What to ask for?
    -Yes, but there was something else she wanted to ask. But, now she's the only one.
    But how can you make your father happy? If you do not change the decision today, then if you live together all the time, the two of them will have a secret problem.
    If not, I will not change my decision.
    That is why he turned away from the other side. To hide the water in the eyes of the eye. The eclipse kept looking at the sky with a sigh. The dark clouds spread throughout the sky. While looking at it, he said,
    -Why have you seen the face of this sky too dirty?
    Amanisa looked at the other side yet.
    Well, do not change the decision, at least answer my question.
    Do not you love me?
    Amanisa could not cope with the crystalline tears.
  • You just do not have to answer. You just listen to my words. It is not true that words are true, I mean only from my mind. I feel like you love me. So you do not want victory or you lost like your mother.
    Amanisa said, crying,
    -You go back.
    I am not yet finished, Amanisa. (Waiting for a while) You think that whatever comes in your life will be lost in the dark. Then tell me, your father is your closest person, why did not he lose? Because he knows how to walk in the dark.
    Amanisa looked at him with a glance and said,
    -You go back.
    And do not be boyish, Amanisa. You can not solve the issue with tears only. Do not say anything or something. Do you want me to return it again?
    I can not live without my father.
    Ani and rayat came out crying from the side of the roof. Surprised with a strange feeling of love, Amannisa looked at it.
    Today, the wedding reception ceremony for the non-members of the non-residents. In the room of the room, Ammanisa was talking to Ani. She looked at it with a glance. She could have fallen asleep on the table. She said, "She is as shadowy as a shadow, she is very rich in the glory of Malnima, but the past is stagnant". Written by the author, perhaps for the sake of humiliation. In fact, on the fifth day of marriage, it seems like a dream to him.
    Suddenly, the lazooka laughs in the eyes of the eyes.
    -Baby, too busy, too!
    He said to laugh laugh.
    You can not look at anything, are you? I came to talk about you. Where is the boyhood?
    I have to shop right now. Come on.
    Well, the raiyat actually says to keep it slightly. I'm going to cipher Deepak.
    -Someone else ...
  • Bachara could not come to the wedding for work. So much trouble is coming from Australia only for this event. How much do you feel like sending others?
    Well, we'll take care of that.
    Looking at the non-violent man, he smiled and looked a little smiling.
    Amanisa is talking to her father. Sometimes she is not coming in the house. She did not want to ask one more time to the end. She felt ashamed of her. The boy was working away. Suddenly,
    It's still not that Elona, ​​Dipak has come.
    I did not recognize Deepak before long ago. I was introducing my parents to Chinchin. Then, the royat's mobile phone was ringing. Then he took the phone away. Amannisa looked at it in the eye. Ani was screaming in the face of a screaming and pressed his hand to restrain it. His eyes started falling on his eyes. How did he come inside the chest? Why did he do this? He ran around and ran towards Anne and said,
    -What has been done?
    Anani said, crying and crying,
    -Baby ... Accident ......
    Lost the knowledge before it was finished.
    Abnerini has been taken to the emergency room. Nearly all of her parents, Ani Raiat and the program. Amanisa sitting far away from them. How can she tolerate anything in the 85's?
    How many times have been cut in such a way that there is no problem. Anonymous Amanisa suddenly heard Ani's voice,
    -Oh ... mother ... not ... Shaw ...

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