Bondicutive Detactive Agency

3년 전

Part 1

12 in the night. We got the phone of Sumon. It did not run too far. Sumon was waiting for a bike under my house. Sumon started the bike and started to bike.

Sumon and I both work in a private company. We also have two naughty friends. School, college, university all together. So we are both friends in a word, brothers are more. But apart from these we have another identity. We are both hobby detectives. From small to thriller we are familiar with the word. Buy a book and buy another one. I used to give one to another. From now on we play an online Detective Agency to play with mystery. Where our identity is completely hidden His name is James Bond and I'm Hercules. And so the name of our agency is "Bondkiulis Detective Agency." Hercules loves the character. Sumon's James Bond From there the name.

We have solved only two cases from this 6 month old agency. However, both of them got the case. Actually, the spread of anything in the campaign. But we never preach our agencies to protect our privacy. To spy on how to keep a secret? In fact, when it comes to contacting us with the case, our first condition given to him is to keep his identity hidden. Who gave us a case or whose case we solicited, if you asked him, 'Did you solicit your case?' He'll say 'James Bond and Hercules.'

I sat next to the bike and asked Suman,
Where are you going?

  • There is a case from Kalyanpur. A girl has suicides.
  • What is the benefit of being suicidal?
  • The girl's uncle talked to me. He says that his nephew is not a girl to suicide. He can not suicide. She has a younger brother. 10-11 years old. His words are the same.
  • The police did not come?
  • Come on. They have gone to Dhaka Medical College for postmortem.
  • Wow! Now there is no dead body. Many sources have gone with the dead body. So what do you do now?
  • The girl's uncle has taken pictures of the girl. And there was no hand in the house anywhere in the house. And yes. Police did not take Kasat in the same time as suicide or suicide. Let's go and see.
  • Come on. Every murderer is also responsible for every suicide. Behind the victim's condition, depression etc.
  • That's right. Let's go and see. Who is the murderer of the suicide!
    I and Sumon came out of the house and came to Kalyanpur 7 on the road No. 7 in front of the house. A 4-story building of old-fashioned style The entire hearing on the road is deep in the night. There is no public opinion. To get to the door of the house, I realized that the gate was closed from inside. Sumon called Rashid Saheb Rashid is the one who committed suicide, his uncle. Gentleman export - import business. After five minutes, Rashid came and opened the gate. It is understood from the face of the gentleman, that Bhatiji died a major setback in death. How swollen under the eyes. Maybe you too cried The gentleman said in a vague voice, "Come on, come in." The voice heard the voice of the man sitting on his throat.
    Following Rashid Sahib, I came crashing down the stairs in the 4th floor or side flat. A well-ordered flat flat. Rashid took us to the house of the night. The girl who died, her name is night. Everything is fine in the house. Only a part of the floor spreads in the bloodstream. It may dry up in a little bit. I turned around Rashid's hand and saw everything around the house. He is looking at the blood, looking towards the blood. There is only the Batcha screaming around the cover.
    Sumon told Rashid,
  • How are you dead?
    Every night from the morning, there was night in the house. He cooked with his aunt, cooked at noon. In the afternoon everyone saw a movie sitting together. At night, his aunt came to call him for dinner, and saw that the night was unconscious. He had cut his wrist from the wrist. My dad's mother died Ahhaha Ray. Mom ray, night ray!
  • Rashid, calm down. If you do not break this way, we will get any information, or we will be able to address any of them.
    Rashid Sahib removed his tears with his hands, trying to get a little bit of a breath, said, "Tell me, what do you want to know?" I look around the room. If any formula is found, in this hope. Sumon Rasheed again asked him,
  • Well, he had a rust cut. And death is due to bleeding. The weapon with which his hand was cut, what was found?
  • Yes. Our False Knife. She was next to her body. The police has taken it.
  • Oh well. Well, do not you see the rest of your family?
  • My mistress is my younger brother, that is, my nephew sleeping with Shuvo. In a lot of trouble, the boy was able to sleep four times.
  • Well. When will the postmortem report say something?
  • Yes. Tomorrow will tell you by the evening.
  • Then we will take steps after the postmortem report arrives.
  • Will I call you happy and my wife?
  • Stay there now. Do not need We'll come tomorrow evening. Then we will talk to them. Well, today's last question like this. Why do you think it can not be suicide?
    Because my brother-in-law can not commit suicide myself. Diploma in computer technology 5th semester. At the same time, at Mirpur 1 Computer School, a training center. Laughter-happy, beautiful girl was the night. I love everyone very much. And his personality was very strong. He can not commit suicide. Not at all. His only hope is not to ensure the future of his younger brother, impossible.
    By now I opened my mouth. Standing in front of Rashid, I said,
  • No matter of love?
  • No matter of love?
  • I did not know much about it.
    There is a lot of things in the world beyond your knowledge - Rashid Saheb It's been a lot of night. We come now. I'm coming tomorrow evening.

The bike is running. We are going out of Rashid's house to our destination. I am now in charge of running the bike. Sumon is sitting behind. Both are silent. By ending silence, Sumon said,

  • What do you think Tahmeed?
  • nothing. All Engels are pointing to suicides. If the suicides were not there the knife could not be found there. The murderer must not be killed by leaving the knife.
  • Hmm. Tomorrow postmortem report may come. Then it will be understood. It's killing or suicide!

As the bike is running, the story will also go.

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