Story of mad woman.

3년 전

Well, what's wrong with me?
If you teach me to read fifty-fifty times, forget about it immediately.
Nobody wants to sit beside me at the school. Looks like everyone knows how.
Someone says, crazy!
So the teachers have escaped me from the school.
It is said that the reading of other children is very bad. I need special school!
Are there special schools and villages ?!
Not there.
So I fall in the house, my mother. Three-year-old mother could not teach me, it was not far from writing!
I can say all of it in the face but I can not even recognize a word on my finger if I say no to the mother, everything seems to be random.
When my mother asked again and again, my anger goes up, throwing books, killing me, and tearing.
Mom does not understand, I can not, I can not! Blood is on my head.
Mother too
Mom then slapped me with a dash.
If the father was in his house, he ran away with a whim.
-What do you mean, what do you understand? Or can you say good? Why are you pressing? He is not normal.
-What is normal? What is our sin?
Ten years old girl, can not do anything!
I still have to make clear.
Still do not know how to eat, scatter! Ever throwing food ...
Mother weeps.
When will he understand? Tell me ...
The ten-month-old son and the ten-year-old daughter, both of them have the same intellect. When will he be older? Will you ever understand your daughter?
What the parents answer and they are silent.
I cry a little cry, why did you cry.
Go out.
Nobody plays a child with me. I can not play The team I'm in, sure to lose!
I asked to run, if you want to run, run, or sit on the wall. Say,
-No run.
Queiba will want to take part in their team !?
So I see their game.
I went into the neighboring house without knowing it.
The residents of their house tell me,
Here's what? Whatever
Even if I did not leave it,
-Your mother is calling you, which is not ..
I am standing in the station.
What did I do, just drive it out?
My urge comes in velocity.
I stand and urinate in their house.
I want to have my closet too. But before that they screamed on the head of the house.
One comes and slaps my cheek on me. I am crying
I forgot to wash the room.
Before throwing my neck out, call my mother three times in a place, clean my urine, my urine.
Mother cleaned me, holding my wrist with a very strong hand, dragged me into the house.
Many kill me before cleaning. Then say,
-Well, so why not? Good thing, why did urine in their home?
When do you understand, when?
Mother was shying, shouting, and my stomach wrecked, I had another job left.
I sit in the house and also refine the work.
The mother took me to the floor and handed me the vessel to the floor.
The younger brother is crying without taking him in the lap.
That's going on. When I got out of my house, the mother was looking for me five minutes later, if there was a disaster in some place.
Even then, I used to make mistakes, sometimes throwing pajamas and throwing them off.
What do I do, think the ants were bouncing, biting.
Having seen the game did not want to go to the mother.
Outside the people again shouted slogans. And the mother wants to take me home.
-Much is the mother. Where to open the trousers in the shop. And you're the girl. Many danger mothers, many dangers
I bow my head but nothing enters the head. Mom's words seem to be madly mad.
Ants adore to open trousers, wonder!
I do not like to sit in the house all day. If you are in the house, increase your work. Taking a little brother in lap, I dropped it off the bed.
Again, beating on the back.
The mother took bath in the pond. Bucket full of cloth and mother unknowingly put a soap.
A little ago I saw the mother wearing soap in this way.
I'm growing up! Mother needs help.
But Dhumadum again on the back of the mother again!
Do not know, what is my fault ?!
I do not want to go to a bath. Mother pulls up, pulls up her nip,
Mother wants me to be clean and tidy, and when I become dirty, do not know.
Mom allowed to sit in the yard only. People are sitting in front of the eyes.
Gradually I'm growing up. One day, after knowing the trousers, the soil becomes red. I opened the pajamas in the yard. Call your mother crying.
The neighbors laugh at my fear of fear Their teenager son looks at my nakedness.
Where is the intellect to understand these thoughts?
I opened the trousers, and also cut off the shirt! I'm half-dead!
Now neighbors threaten,
-Baby girl, what's in the house, what's in the house ..
I'm standing. Mother came and pulled clothes.
Now I'm more home captive.
Mother says I'm getting more dirty. The blood split, the mother tied her clothes. I was thrown out of the house, Anakacanache in the house.
We lose the clothes. The mother stooped up again.
I understand that!
One day the mother was not in the house. Maybe pond, do not know!
Got out The neighbor said,

  • Come on, you'll show a thing, go?
    I bow my head. She gives me the pack of racks. I got a lot of fun after leaving her behind.
    Suddenly I saw someone hiding him!
    I lost my way, even the teenager!
    I live alone. Nobody knows me, I do not.
    I'm walking, I'm walking.
    Where is my house? Where is my mother, father, younger brother?
    Come on the road. Still moving out of the house. Some people give me two pennies in one hand. I will leave it for a while.
    What to do with the money?
    I got hungry!
    Comes in the evening. I am crying When someone asks,
    I'll go home.
    Where are you?
    We look faults. There is no answer to that answer.
    I do not know where my house is!
    It's night. One uncle of tea shop wants to know,
    -Have you eat?
    Pull your head again
    I do not want to do anything unnecessarily. From a very young age I talk very little.
    Talking is a waste of time!
    Uncle said
    -Money earnings
    I got in
    He jumped out of the shop and gave me bald hand to eat.
    Without this first of my parents, no one touched me.
    When he had finished eating, he kept abreasting my whole body. Then ...
    Yes, tremendous pain.
    I am so pleased that he has made me, my body has become painful, bloody body has become bloody. Uncles give me trousers.
    The pajamas were wet again the first day.
    Blood is bleeding without pain on that day and blood with many pain today!
    I threw the pajamas this time.
    Uncle, I was shocked to be a girl, and again, wearing a pajama again out of the shop.
    I was asleep outside the store all night.
    He drove me out of the morning and cleared me.
    I again walk on the unknown track.
    If you are hungry, you want someone, nobody gives it, no one will give it.
    I do not have a place in the crowd of people on footpath.
    I smell on my face, I'm dirty, I'm crazy!
    Get away from them far away.
    One who was cursed by the darkness of the night, came and took my clothes off, quietly closed his face and went away!
    Sometimes one comes to admonition, sometimes two or three in the night!
    Although I love the first time, I can not even sit after the last admiration. The whole body curl in pain. I am also human
    Suddenly, mom and dad have suddenly missed the mother.
    How long did not eat mother!
    How is the mind of my parents doing for me?
    Do not know! After all, I forgot my mother's brother. Forget about the pain and pain caused.
    Get up again Where to go, I do not know why.
    The body is dirty, the clothes are dirty. No one gave oil to the hair. When the mother was sprayed with oil!
    Suddenly got vomited.
    They vomit in front of people so much.
    Everyone smiles and survives.
    In the meantime, walks along the distance of five hundred and fifty miles away.
    The hunger continued to grow, the stomach grew high!
    There is no disease in my body!
    People laugh at me.
    Some people take away the eyes of Astagfirullah ..
    And I shop in the store, with food for man.
    One day, severe pain arose, fierce!
    How many times do you beat. No one will look back.
    Some small older people are stalked with a stick. I can not run
    Seeing the trend in their throat, they escaped there.
    The pain continues to grow even more.
    Then how, from my body, a little boy like my little brother came out.
    It seems to me magic.
    But I have no power, to see him, to touch him. There is a sense of fear, if he falls like a brother!
    When the child heard the tears, some youngsters ran It seemed like this in the crowd of satanic earth, how many angels are they!
    They call a few more.
    Took my child up in the lap. Then doctor, hospital!
    Well, what is really my child!
    Do not know!
    After a while I will forget him!
    I'm crazy!
    Well, did I have a name ?!
    What have I said once?
    I've forgotten.
    The name is lost in the name of Pagli!
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