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Eva was awakened by the phone ring the next morning. She flipped the blanket up and down from the bed and flew to the phone.

  • Alo! Eva Cole would like to hear.
  • Hello. We called her from casting the movie "Uncovered Hero".
  • Yes! Is there any news about my casting?
  • She was officially cast as Heather McNally!
    Eva was motionless for a moment. She felt choking, then exhausted slightly out with a scream. At the other end of the line, the chief casting officer had to put the phone away from his ear.
  • Thanks everyone! Thank you for choosing me to star! I will do my best to express it well! I will not let the audience expect this movie to be disappointed! _Eva tangled hiss.
    "I know she was so happy, but I did not expect her to be that surprised after I heard Andrew's call last night. So all notification procedures have been completed. Now we will discuss the shooting plan for the movie.
  • Yes. Please tell me now!
  • Oh, no. This is very important, we have to have a meeting date, then she has to sign a contract to participate in the film again.
  • Okay. Then how can we ever meet?
  • Whenever you're free.
  • I'm free! Tomorrow, four o'clock? I'm the best at that moment!
  • Of course.
    So Eva and the crew made an appointment at Eva Restaurant at her suggestion. Both Andrew will also be present.
    At that moment, Emma came in. She had just finished breakfast.
  • What is it that you screamed up earlier? Um ... did the selection committee call you?
  • I guessed right! You are chosen to play Heather! _Eva is happy.
  • Really? Congratulations to you! _Emma not very surprised to know this before her sister.
  • Ừ. Tomorrow we will have an appointment to sign a contract. Andrew also came to sign the contract!
  • You see him again?
  • Yes! You will see long! Oh, it feels great when my first movie is a superhero like "Uncovered Hero". Then you will become the celebrity caliber of the silver screen superstars for now! And would be dating Andrew Goldman again, if I guess right once more!
  • I will definitely be dating him! Trust me.
  • Ừ. Why not? She is as beautiful as any girl Andrew has ever dated! _Eva said as she twirled around and looked at the mirror and had more talent than them. Andrew can find a girl like her!
    Emma seemed a little coy to hear this.
  • Well, I have to go to the hair salon.
  • You want to cut your hair? I see your hair looks so good!
  • Actually, I want to dye them.
    Eva was very surprised.
  • It's not like you at all. I do not object to dying because it's my hair. But if so then you will look just like her sister died! How can people around us distinguish us?
  • There are no siblings here. Besides, my new boyfriend likes me to have blond hair.
  • Okay. You go to the salon to do hair. She will stay home to look after the house. The film crew also recently said will send the script to her should take time to read and memorize the dialogue.
  • Then you go. Goodbye, Eva.
  • Goodbye. Remember to eat lunch early!
  • Yes.

After the hairstyle that day, Emma returned home with the same blonde Eva. Today is Sunday so Andrew is still living in that house. Tonight he was scheduled to play. Emma bought another phone and instructed Andrew to call her only, and she absolutely did not contact Eva's phone number while she was at his side. Andrew was very curious, but Emma answered that it was very personal, unexplainable. She knew this was crazy and selfish, but that was the only way to date Andrew.
Emma north of a taxi and told the driver the address of the apartment.
The car has arrived. When she finished paying, she walked to the doorbell. Andrew looked over the camera to see who it was. Seeing Emma, ​​he smiled and opened the door.

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