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Then the day that Eva was expecting the casting date for "Uncovered Hero" came to an end.
That morning, she dressed beautifully with a short, tight-fitting black skirt and prepared her spirit well. Emma sat watching her sister without a word.

  • What are you looking at? It looks odd?
  • Not so.
  • Why do not you prepare yet?
  • What preparation?
  • Oh, do not you want to go with me?
  • I do not feel well today.
  • so sorry Today is a very big day for you. Because you have been looking forward to it for so long.
    Actually, Emma still feels normal. She is only afraid that standing next to Eva will look like she is invisible now, and any opportunity to approach Andrew Goldman will disappear. Emma did not want to be there.
  • Good luck!
  • Thank you, Em. Well, money and fame await. You have to go now! _Eva said just grab the wallet!
  • Goodbye, Eva.
    She began to leave the apartment and took a taxi to casting for "Uncovered Hero".

Film school today is crowded. There are also fans who want to cast. Eva crouched tiredly among the hysterical girls screaming while trying to climb inside. Andrew Goldman will personally be here today to recruit an actor for his upcoming film.
Inside, he was sitting with some members of the crew. In turn, each person who wants to be cast will go in order and show why they participate in this movie with acting ability. Andrew was just what the magazine described as being super-handsome. Today he was wearing a T-shirt and jeans that looked very sporty.

  • We will cast the heroine's best friend first, Andrew? _ Chief of casting said.
  • Um ... Why not cast him as Heather?
    "Well, did not we decide to invite the famous actress Camilla Luddington to play this role?" He was amazed.
  • That's right. But this time I want to be with someone who is not famous, to see how my "support" like.
  • Are not! No, it's going to have a huge impact on the public's attention, which will lead to a dramatic drop in sales. The director will not agree!
  • Actually, I do not care about the sales. What I need now is a new experience. You know what I mean?
  • I'm not sure. But the director is definitely not!
  • Hm ... I'm afraid if I did not cast the role of Heather today I probably would not want to participate in this drama anymore.
  • Do not do that! You are the soul of the whole movie!
    "So I'm pretty sure the director will agree with my opinion." Andrew shrugged his shoulders.
  • Okay! Okay! But first let me phone him.
    So the casting director began a telephone conversation with director "Uncovered Hero". His expression seemed worried, but then nodded continuously.
  • What did he say?
  • The director was very upset by the reasons I just told him before, but finally agreed. Sorry to miss out on Luddington!
  • No problem. Well, can we get started?
  • Okay!
    The casting for the protagonist Heather is being started. On hearing that today did not cast a supporting role anymore, but also played the lead role alongside Andrew Goldman, fans who have not had an experience of acting also joined in to take advantage of this precious opportunity.
    Of course, a veteran actor like Andrew looks a bit at a glance who knows who is capable, who does not. Some acting and reading the dialogue are very feeble. Even the girls in the face of him are immobile and do not show anything. Each turn on the test was quite crowded but the selection committee still can not agree with anyone.
  • Out of hope! _ Head of the casting to agree to Camilla back to play this role offline!
  • Just wait for another one! _Andrew replied uncomfortably.
    After waiting a few hours, Eva finally got inside. She remodeled her hair and dress before entering.
    Seeing Andrew sitting cross-legged and rubbing his pen on the table impatiently, Eva's mood was very happy but tried hard to suppress.
  • Xin ... Hello everyone in the selection. My name is Eva Cole, who recently graduated from acting university at Wimbledon College of Art in London, and is 22 years old. I very, very much want to be able to participate in this movie is considered super. So will try his best to show good Heather role if lucky to be chosen.
  • Okay. Mr. Tim, give her the cast. I will read the dialogue with ... What's your name? Well, Eva. I'll read the dialogue with you, Eva.
  • He's talking to me! He was talking to me! _Eva thought happily.
  • Yes.
    One member of the selection committee gave her a role playing. Eva reached out her hand, but shook it off to the ground. Andrew laughed. Eva saw that too, followed by laughter to cure embarrassment, then bent down to pick up the scissors.
  • OK. As you can see, we will read the dialogue of my character confessing to the character Heather she is casting. Okay?
  • Of course.
  • Let's start!
    Eva took a deep breath. The two started acting with the lines. Andrew's tone is exactly the same. Eva tries to focus on her character. Selective listening carefully.
    TOM (character Andrew played)
    You need to know one thing, Heather. Something very important about you and me.
    Really? I do not think we are related. I just moved here a few weeks ago, and was a stranger to me!
    Right. But I have never heard of "love thunderbolt"?
    What do you mean?
    I love you! Really love you!

Hearing those words from Andrew, even though Eva knew it was just a dialogue in the script, she nearly dropped the copy on the hand again.
Eva still has not continued, the chief of the casting said:

  • Hey, Miss Cole. Are you alright?
  • Oh no. I'm okay.
    "Then go ahead!" Andrew said.
  • I need to concentrate._Eva thought that I should definitely get this role!
    What? Do you understand what you are saying?
    You understand. Absolutely!
    But I can not repay the love that you have for me. Because ... I fell in love with another person.
    Why so? I really love you, Heather!
    I know. But he was not the guy who saved my life! You can do nothing but love me! I do not like the useless ones. Stop bothering me!

Eva was very expressive. When she finished, everyone in the selection committee, including Andrew, clapped their hands. Eva was very happy, and was greeted as a real actor.

  • You read the lines very well.Anh commentary We try to read a scene again nhé.
  • Yes._Eva smiled.
  • She turned to the next page. It was my character dying and Heather knew Tom was the hero who saved her life.
    Eva follows Andrew.
  • Get started!
    Tom ... It's you ... You're the guy who saved me from death in a gang? But you treated me badly.
    It does not matter ... It's important that you understand the feelings that you give to me ...
    You risked again for me ... If not for this time, maybe you will never know this truth lost!
    He was happy that he did a lot of good work for everyone. And rescuing you is the greatest thing in my life.
    Tom, do not leave me! I can not live without you!
    I do not want to leave you, but I can not get over this time ...
    Are not! That can not happen! He must live!
    Goodbye, Heather. I will keep your image in my heart forever ...

Once again Eva was very good at role playing, to the point that the voice was faint because she was really, was shedding tears. The selection was so unexpected, they stare at Eva and stare at each other. The last sentence Andrew spoke, he just read and look at her.
And again, people clap again.
"How can you ... cry?" Asked Andrew.

  • I just thought of something ...
    Actually, Eva remembered the scene before the Cole brothers had left for the current character. At that time she and Emma cried as rain.
  • The lines of her voice are all right.Andrew said now we will try her performance. You and I will perform the scene where we just read the dialogue.
    Eva wiped away her precious tears. Andrew stood up from the selection table sitting and started walking towards her. This made Eva even shiver, but with confidence gained from the support of the selection committee, she smiled at him. Andrew also smiled back at Eva.
  • She read through the lines again to remember.
  • Yes.
    Eva glided over the roleplay again. Strangely, she was able to remember every sentence, every word.
  • Ready?
  • Yes.
  • Let's start!
    In the blank space in front of the selection board is a place for acting. Andrew began to lay down as if he was being wounded. Eva looked at him in front of her and became embarrassed and did not know what to do.
  • She sat down and wrapped her arms around me.
  • Oh yes!
    Eva kneeled down, slowly putting her arms around her broad shoulders. His scent to nose makes her feel like it.
  • Host!
    (Tom holding hands)
    Tom, do not leave me! I can not live without you!
    (clutching Heather's hand)
    I do not want to leave you, but I can not get over this time ...
    (shaking his head off)
    Are not! That can not happen! He must live!
    Goodbye, Heather. I will keep your image in my heart ... (unconscious)

Scene ends. Everyone applauded. Andrew opened his eyes and sat up. Eva is a time to return to reality. She handed over the manuscript to a man named Tim.

  • Her casting today was perfect, Eva Cole, the casting director. She was very promising to be cast as Heather McNally in "Uncovered Hero."
  • Thanks.
  • Now it's over. She can leave and start waiting. We will call later to announce the selection.
  • Yes. I am very eager to be able to participate in this movie-the first movie of my acting career.
  • Hope we can cooperate with you.
  • IM very pleasant.
  • Goodbye, Miss Cole.
  • Bye everyone.
    Before stepping out of the door of the selection room, Eva turns back to look at Andrew again. He was looking back at her, but with a strange look. Embarrassment made Eva walk away.
    After Eva, there are also many people who want to cast Heather.
  • How many more? - Andrew asked the manager about the number of people casting.
  • That's a lot of you. Maybe a few dozen. Me and everyone today feel a bit tired.
  • Then stop here!
  • Ừ. Tomorrow we will continue the work of selecting the actor for this character.
  • I do not think I need anymore! Did not we just find a suitable girl?
  • You mean Miss Eva Cole? Oh, she's really good, but how can we find a better person?
  • From an actor's point of view, I see her as the best. I believe in intuition. And I also believe that we will be acting very well together.
  • Mm. I saw her very pretty, blonde and speaking English, just as in the script depicting Heather. A female member of the selection committee said.
  • What do you think? _Andrew was pleased to see some people think to himself and turn to the chief casting.
  • I also believe in your intuition. The Oscars proved that. We also want to rest early to cast other characters.
  • Decide that offline! Heather McNally is Eva Cole's character!
  • Yes. I will phone her within a few days.
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