Dairy Life Blog #1 | What is the real truth?

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Hello, at this point when on the internet, there is so much misunderstanding and wrong info about farms and dairy I start new storyline dairy life blogs and today I want to talk about: Where you think you get real truth info about our work, questions about how your food is grown and how our animals are raised?

Yes of course first and the best way is search for info on the internet but how you know its true? Let's think about what is best info source....

Someone who learned something on the internet about how farms are bad or someone who spends every day making sure their animals are fed and comfortable and someone ho doesn't sleep at nights to get that fields harvested for that food you see in shops?

Also maybe you can get info from some people who state for organizations that “save” animals but the interesting thing is part of it are completely profit-based or you can get info from someone who does what it takes at all costs to ensure they are doing their absolute best sometimes with no profit but also some loses but still keep working and hope for better times?

Also what info you can get from someone who has never stepped foot on a farm but what info from someone who works in the farm from childhood and dedicates their life to farming?

And there are many more examples of how people get the wrong information about farms and other things. At this moment I think I don't need to say more? But the choice is up to you where you get information.

All I want is before you write some post, comment or something else on the internet or say something to others about farms or any other industries. Think about that where you get that information if its real truth or your thought.

For now, that's all and I hope this day will be good for you.
Picture source: pexels.com

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