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The story of Tiger Woods with Elin Maria Pernilla Nordegren, the ex-wife and Swedish former model is a great lesson for unmarried young men out there.

She met Woods as an accomplished golf player with millions of dollars as his possession and got married to him only to ruin his life afterwards.

She divorced him, took a large chunk of his wealth and left Tiger Woods not only heart broken but also professionally down.

His scenario was a proverbial fall from grace to grass as he was rated 1,199th in the World of Golf.

He was number 1 golf player for so longer years and role model to many..

big organisations terminated his contracts with them.

He was on rehab for years and was worked on by psychologists.

His world seemed to have ended.

That is what marriage is capable of causing when you marry a woman that is with intention of being with you because of your wealth.

Woods fell, pulled himself together and started again. Though second chance is always rare but TIGER WOOD got his own and he grabbed the privilege.

Yesterday after 11 years, Tiger Wood reclaimed his position back as a top world Golf Player.

Good women are still out there but be careful especially when you're at the top of your career.

The King is back.

The Tiger of the game is here again.

Welcome Tiger Wood.

Never stop chasing your crazy dreams

Lesson for all...


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