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The name plik ue (Pataraana-red) may be familiar to the people of Aceh. In the Acehnese tradition, "Pliek u" is used as one of the seasonings to process vegetables into goulash (sauce) pliek ue.
With a creative idea, Khairul Mubarak (25) a young man from Bireuen district, Plik ue transformed into a salak plik ue that can be used as afternoon snacks while driving jokes with family.
Unlike the other youth, in the afternoon Khairul Abrar and four colleagues busy with selling salak plik ue. as well as introduce plik ue culinary typical Aceh with capitalize a minibus Khairul Abrar and his colleagues actively peddling his wares.
Khairul Abrar also recounted the initial deed of the three-month-long effort. His first idea because of his love for this fermented coconut.
Salak sidikalang as a staple, he found from a merchant. While Plik ue tesebut he got from the household business from his hometown in Bireuen precisely digampong Kutablang.
According to Khairul Mubarak, salak plik ue that he sells with the price of 15 thousand perkemasan. Peharinya 50 - 60 packs of salak plik ue he managed to sell with keutungan hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Khairul confess, salak plik ue that sold it, he made himself at home. Before going out to sell, he is usually made busy with chopping salak and meddling spice made from plik ue.
"Salak plik ue that I made myself with the help of other colleagues. "If the day is not too much we packed bang. But if the saturday-week regular up to 60 plaque plik ue we packed, "said Khairul Mubarak.
By trading salak plik ue, Khairul desire to re-lift this typical culinary Aceh. Because all this time he said, production plik ue digampongya very apprehensive because the declining enthusiasts.
He hopes this plik ue can be felt many people and famous until out of the region. For those of you lovers plik ue can visit Khairul Mubarak merchandise which is located in Ulee Lheue precisely in front of mass grave.unnamed-11-1.jpg

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