Educational infrastructure in decline and school dropout, case Venezuela.

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When I saw this picture for the first time I thought it was out of focus. Then I began to detail it and in my meditation I came to the conclusion that it is not the image that has problems but the educational system that is in charge of maintaining in good conditions the place of study, the second home of our children of school age.

In any country where these issues are handled in a normal way, it can be said "civilized", because it would not have to go through the disappearance of the quality of life of students, teachers and staff of educational institutions. This is only seen in a country that was a model for other countries in the region, it is Venezuela.

In these photographs you see an infrastructure in decline, that would be the least of the problems, the teacher and student training system is underground, so that a country like Venezuela is not aimed at progress, welfare or towards the quality of life of its inhabitants.

There is a solution, time will give its verdict!

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The development trends of the countries are strongly linked to the level of education of the people who live there, this situation is very deplorable .....