The analysis of @lamdo2018 on the Ponentis.

4년 전

Once I was inspired by writing a story related to my adolescent stage, my story of when I was shoe cleaner, where I presented an experience that marked my life, but in a positive way.

I saw a beautiful sunset and I sat on a bench in the square to contemplate this landscape. The sky was clear, there was only a hot air balloon that serves as aerial surveillance, the summits of the mountains well defined and in the lower left corner you can see the setting sun of summer.

The "ponentis" has been considered the place where wealthy people live, where the Sun is hidden and provides the greatest amount of time of its energy. Maybe this premise is true, because the area that I mention covers Las Condes and Lo Barnechea, communes where people with high economic well-being live in the city of Santiago de Chile.

Wondering with this show that nature offered me, I start to reflect on life, social inequality, the demotivation that people feel when they see their plans for entrepreneurship fail.

I close my eyes, one, two ... five seconds at the most and when I open them again, I see that spectacle that nature continues to offer me.

I leave all those concerns behind, in oblivion and my final reflection is: with worry I do not solve anything, it is better to get up from this bank, follow my path and resolve life, the environment of @lamdo2018

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It is interesting to know the difference between ponentis and sunset, thank you for explaining it .....