The haze in the city of the 7 hills.

3년 전

Today I woke up early, the temperature in my room was somewhat low, I felt a little cold, so I went out to the patio of my maternal house in Valera, a city of Trujillo (Venezuela) better known as the city of the 7 hills, You can imagine how many hills you have!

I looked towards one of those hills and it was covered with a dense fog. Everything was white, I took my phone and started taking some pictures of this natural spectacle.

I already had about ten years that did not see something similar, already know by the climatic change and deforestation of the hills of the city. I remember that when I was a child I woke up early to go to school and the weather was desert, very common to see the fog and feel that damp cold morning.

Times change, but when we see a natural spectacle like this, which brings back memories of our childhood, the imminent danger of climate change caused by our disordered behavior comes to mind.

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