The particularities of livestock in the Andean Paramo area.

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In my recent trip through the mountains of the Andean Páramo in Venezuela, I have found several cows and horses that graze on the banks of the Trasandina highway. I dedicated myself to photographing these animals that resist the storm of winter and summer, but above all the inclement cold that is maintained at night, where the temperature is around -5 ºC.

Cattle have the thickest leather with very short fur, but with a muscular mass with a lot of fat that makes it so robust, as seen in this photograph.

Although Venezuela is a tropical country, this livestock is located in a temperate and cold zone, so its characteristics vary slightly with those that live in other livestock areas of the country.

The horses do not escape the cold of the Andean Páramo as we do when we put on one or two coats. However, adaptation to the environment that surrounds them is not a big problem for this type of livestock, because their short fur, but fat body, protects it from the cold.

The dogs, although they are not classified as cattle, also inhabit this area and here I present a photograph to tell me who is more cold, if the three dogs or the three people?

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Each variety of plants or animals, including people, will be affected by the climatic factor that surrounds them, good observation .....

They are very peculiar quadruped animals of Andean climates, they feel very cold.