Pain have no words only have feelings

3년 전

Pain have no words but have feelings only
Sometimes we try to collect our pain in words but no one can draw the picture of pain
and no one can understand the pain of picture when it is not happened to the person itself
Just like if we have headache we only can feel it how scared stiff is it... you can tel to others but other can not feel t how you feeling yourself
just like that other Sensitive pains we have in our soul in our heart or in our mind no one can understand oreven can feel
some people turn thier pain into revenge, some people make thier pain in mind always and became sad all the time.
somehow me and may be the every person in this world have pain but if pain got over you then you can ruin yourself
so we need to be came out from pain what ever the pain came from just we need to try to defeat it with happiness loyality and with good heart .

the translation of picture into english is :

  • The pain is of intensity and no sympathy.
    Such a bitter place comes in life.
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