A romance from an other world

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Tommy Bogtrotter suspected something was a little off when his sweet dentist tried to massage him when he was just six years old. Nevertheless, he lived a relatively normal life among other humans.
It wasn't until he bumped into the devilishly splendid yeti, Sharon MacDonald, that his life finally began to make sense.
However, Sharon proved to be brave and seemed to have an unhealthy obsession with sitting. Tommy soon learnt that Sharon had taken an oath never to peck a human being.
When Tommy's sweet dentist is injured in a safari accident, Tommy realises his own life is at risk.
Despite Sharon'sevil eyes and angry eyes, Tommy finds himself falling for the yeti. Only fate will decided whether she kills or protects him.
One night, a fallen angel appears before Tommy and warns him of a darkness within Sharon. The fallen angel gives Tommy the tiny gun - the only weapon that can defeat a splendid yeti.
Will Tommy find it in himself to kill the only creature who has ever made him feel truly dubious? (Hint: yes!)

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