A strange bird

2년 전

Our lakes do not cease to amaze me. You know from my previous posts that ibis, wood stork, different types of herons, and even a bird called the turkey vulture visit there.

It would seem... well, who else could there be? Yet I passed by the lakes once again and saw this strange creature.

It seems that this is a miniature copy of the dragon from the Game of Thrones. Imagine, it sat just like this, with raised wings. Either she tried to scare me, or she dried up her wings.

I began to crouch closer to it. Instead of flying, it swam away, but it did it in a weird way. Like this.

I was going to publish it as a nameless bird in the hope that someone will tell me its real name. Yet, since I uploaded short footage to YouTube, some Good Samaritan told me what kind of bird it was. In English, it is called "Anhinga" or “the snake bird.”

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strange birds full of mystery,i've seen birds like this,,,this bird is really weird @mgaft1


You said it, buddy! I was just as puzzled. )))


i also don't know friend..))

very strange bird @mgaft1


Thank you! A very strange bird, indeed!

Amazing photography @mgaft1..


Thank you! I have a good phone. )))

@mgaft1, Yes, in a way you are right and this bird is really unique and as you said it have the essence of dragon too. Thank you so much for sharing these pictures with us. Stay blessed. 🙂

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Thank you, my friend! Yes, a weird bird indeed. )))


Welcome and have a great time ahead. 🙂