Accidental masterpiece...

3년 전

Hello friends,

This artwork you see here was a total mistake! Read on the hear what went down...

Pink Rain.jpg
'PINK RAIN' by@mikepedro

Heres is what i wanted it to look like... Just in Pink!


So I painted this yellow piece and had a someone ask for one similar to this in pink. This technique is pretty simple. Its painted with syringes essentially, then once there is enough paint on the canvas i give the whole thing a little shake and tilt to get the desired effects. Here is a shot to show what it look like at that stage. (just in pink) I get too carried away painting to remember to take pix.


So i was at this stage of the piece. The normal process is add the paint inside then i take them out the back yard to finish them off. It kinda gets messy! I was tilting and shaking it and it was looking really good, BUT then out of nowhere i huge gust of windy came thought and bombarded the artwork with little twigs and leaves....

What can i say, I didn't handle it well! I kinda lost it, let out a few fucks then proceeded to fling it into the darkness of the backyard. I heard it hit the fence, I went inside grabbed a beer and started the clean up. I was a bit bummed out that i had just wasted over 2hrs. But i got over it...

The next day i decided to got find the canvas and put it in the bin... well what a surprise i found!

Pink rain 2.jpg

It ended up being my favourite artwork for a while, for more than one reason. It makes me laugh at myself every time i see it! And id be lying if I said i didnt throw a few more canvases in the yard after this. but none of them turned out keepers.

Hope you enjoyed the short story, if you want to see more of my art? Ive added a few links here:

Thank, much Love @mikepedro

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Dear Artist ! FineArtNow is a new place for artists on Steemit ! Become our friend ! See you soon !


Hello @fineartnow Just gave you a follow!

"Error" is one of the great beauties of art, where art takes over the artist, that's how new techniques are developed! I really like the pink piece, the yellow and black one as well though :D

DIP-2.gif One of my "Glitch" works


It sure is! It was a great turning point for me. Thanks for your support! Love your art by the way :)

What a fabulous story @mikepdero I absolutely love your 'mistake' and those are my favourite colours. I do fluid art as well so I truly appreciate your frustration. A lot of paint goes into these creations doesn't it? I see you live in Australia too, Which state? (Following)


Hello @trudeehunter Thank you! Im on the central coast, NSW. I love my mistake too! it makes me smile every time i think about it. I do go through a bit of paint :) I usually wait till riot art has a sale and stock up! (can get up 50% off) Ill be check out your blog... followed back

Sometimes nature calls!

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That's just the frustration with fabulous mistakes aren't they? They end up being the hardest to copy or achieve anything remotely like it again.