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Born to an Eastern mother and a Western father the boy was christened with two names. The names, as the two cultures, sounded as different as Om from Rat-a-tat-tat. A simple vowel sound against a string of consonants.

The boys early years were spent in his Western home, Rat-a-tat-tat. He had shining hazel eyes and sandy hair. The boy grew well but had a secretive nature, there was a secret contained within him. Despite his name no amount of knocking could open the door to him.

Later in his childhood the boy was moved to his Eastern home. In the East his eyes and skin darkened. In the East his appearance was transformed. This transformation seemed to bring his inner nature out while his hazel eyes slipped down within. His hazel eyes now shone from within. He became warm and open, his door was opened and his hazel eyes shone from within. Everyone called him Om and he was Om. His mother was overjoyed at his Oming. Yet in his openness a sadness could be seen.

Circumstances changed yet again. Back to the West, back to Rat-a-tat-tat. Under those percussive consonants his eyes lightened and his inner nature darkened. His face was again the day. His heart was again the night.

Neither the East nor the West could harmonise the boy's nature. Neither in the East nor in the West was there harmony. One day the boy awoke as a young man. “I am no longer from the East. I am not from the West.”

The young man then took his own true name.

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You are interesting to write! Thank you for sharing! Have a nice day!


Thanks! It was my New Year's resolution to try to write a little bit each week so that I might get better at it but it's so hard! Six months since this post... I'm going to try again soon maybe. You are much more prolific! Great work


@mjhomb : Maybe you could try the 365 days of writing challenge.
Here is the Introductory post and here is one of the recent prompt.
You can hop in anytime and it is not necessary to do it every single day. The idea is to get writing for as many days as you can for a year and make those creative ions in your head glow to their brightest.
Would be great if you could join in!


Thank you! I'll take a look. It's a new year and I'm in need of a new resolution.

I like how you write. Great work. Going to go search for more of these from your posts:)