My Experience with An Army Men (contd)

3년 전

As we wanted to jump out from the widow of the uncompleted building what we saw scared the poo out of us...
We saw two heavily armed military men pointing their guns at three guys that i am sure they wanted to run from them, so we silently went back inside the uncomplicated building thanking God that it was not us that they were referring to.

We waited inside the building for so long before we start hearing noises from the residents living in that street.


So after we came out from our hiding, we later learnt that the reason behind the raiding was because the bag of one of the military man sister was stolen by some thugs and they found out that this same thugs ran into the viewing centre where the match is been watched.
And when the military gets to the place, they brought out everyone that was inside the hall and this people was thrashed with koboko for not bringing out the suspects.

Well i later thanked God that we did not get there before those men arrived, because we would have also received from the koboko lol..

I would forget that day in a hurry.

Image source- from Google

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