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On the 3rd of January I decided to visit my grand mother because I was to travel for my National youth service on the 5th of January. On seeing her there was a mixed feeling of great love and nostalgia. The sight of her made me reminisce the moments we spent together. Granny was known for her benevolent nature,she was a mother to all. I remember how she came to Port Harcourt to take care of us because my mum had to further her education. She always came to spend time with us even when we were grown up. Granny was industrious, loving, caring, honest, benevolent, humble, virteous, Jovial and God fearing. She was a lover of music ( traditional music was her favourite). There were some music she sang with English that wasn't clear but enjoyable because she had a melodious voice. A fun loving woman she was. We played and sang together often.IMG_20180324_095733.jpg
On the month of March my mum called me and told me my grand mother always asked of me and wanted to see me. She said her mum only remembers me and my brother. Meanwhile I was in Anambra for my National youth service. I promised to see my granny immediately I arrived Bayelsa which is my state. On the 22nd of March I recieved a message from my sister that my grand mother died that afternoon. On hearing the news tears of sweet sorrow ran down my cheeks. Oh my sweet grand mother is gone. I wish I saw her before she died. How I miss her so dearly. I write with tears flowing down my eyes with mixed emotions of joy and pain. I love her so dearly. Rest in peace granny.

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Oh sorry dear for your lost. But to God be all the glory for the life she well spent and the love she shared with you. Take heart dear @mollyadulphus


Thanks deàr.
I really appreciate it