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"The Interface" is the first in a Sci Fi Fantasy book series filled with magic, deceit, propaganda, mind control, hallucinations, and other imagined side effects of implantable technology.

Artificial Intelligence "supposedly" governs decision making in this futuristic fantasy world, but who is really pulling the strings?

More importantly, what are they after?

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Narrative Introduction

The death of capitalism took centuries to occur, but the final blow came swiftly and unexpectedly. The following account details the circumstances leading to the death of capitalism, and the birth of the Interface.

If you asked people today, they would tell you the Objectors are to blame for everything falling apart. They were the ones who resisted mankind's evolution- they were the one's who launched the nukes.

It was a fairly peaceful world between 2020 and 2070, but a new problem arose for the world to face. Cutting edge machinery, technology, and robotics had become a normal part of every day life. Increases in Artificial Intelligence and manufacturing robots had begun to dominate the transportation and logistics industries. Slowly but surely, most of these processes were automated to be highly efficient, at the same time replacing lower class working jobs with robots.

Meanwhile, science had achieved several landmark breakthroughs during this time period. Advancements in molecular study and bio-mechanics started heavy experimentation into merging man and machine. Instead of adding cumbersome steel and hydraulics to a person, scientists eventually focused on stimulating the nervous system, finding success with implants directly embedded in the brain. Electrical pulses and vibrations unlocked new strengths and endurance never before seen in humans.

Television and Mainstream media flaunted the amazing advancements of the human race, while absolute poverty reared its ugly head throughout the lower classes of the entire world. Machines with Artificial Intelligence had appropriated many industries naturally over the course of time. Rioting was constant, and food was becoming scarcer. The cities had become crowded with hungry mouths, and there was no work, even for the most willing and able bodied.

Then, like a devil in disguise, the Interface launched. It was the quintessential blend of virtual reality and real life. Superhuman strength with the push of a button. Instant health monitoring and natural chemical balance adjustments. Eagle eyed vision. Endless content, information, and entertainment at the literal blink of an eye. A world however you see fit.

A few strokes of a keyboard could direct every spare bit of protein to any muscle group, or any stem cell directly to an injury. World records previously held by athletes for centuries were shattered. Natural strength, ability, and also healing processes could be manipulated externally.

The slogan to Interface became "Make your boring life, fun again!" This type of subliminal messaging was rampant throughout social media and the internet. Within the second year of the Interface launching, many of the famous and elite had the Silver upside down triangle provided to the earliest adopters. It became a status symbol instantly, as the beautiful people were the first to Interface.

Political figures began to Interface as well, despite National Security concerns. Unification, world peace, and advancement of the human race had drowned out naysayers outrage about privacy, individualism, and solitude.

Patients suffering from illnesses would gather from far and wide to be Interfaced- the medicinal possibilities and cures became endless. Artificial Intelligence advanced medicine further than it ever had, creating an astounding life expectancy rate. People could live for as long as possible, but only if they could foot the bill.

Traditional labor jobs completely died out with the increase of Interfaced citizens. The increase in endurance enabled an Interfaced person to do the work of 4 men. 16 hour days of throwing around 70 pound red steel wall forms and bending rebar became a nonchalant activity for an Interfaced tradesman. A well seasoned and coordinated 10 man crew of Interfaced humans could do perform the labor of 50 men, and show up the next morning at 5 a.m. raring to go with coffee in hand.

Economies across the globe were squeezed, and it came to a point where the 12 hour work day just didn't make the ends meet anymore. The homeless population had never truly been solved in the past, but now the problem had overwhelmed many small countries. The middle class had all but vanished, and there were many instances of completely qualified people losing their job to "progress."

The homeless problem had reached the highest it had ever been. Over time, the homeless began to segregate themselves between the Interfaced and Non-Interfaced. Turf warfare ruled most inner cities, and it was more bloody than ever before between the lower class. Gangs blended into those who had the Silver Triangle, and those who had no triangle. The slang term developed for the Non-Interfaced became "Objector," and a person without a chip in their head was looked down upon.

Everything had finally reached the point of creating a massive housing crisis for even the small remaining middle class. There were huge amounts of property going unrented, and the homeless population had grown to almost 40% of the American population. The rest of the world was faring no better.

That's when a major shift happened; In 2112 the U.S. government decided to purchase everyone's land; those that wished to sell of course. The decree was really quite clever- you could sell your land to the government, but still live on the property. The only stipulation was: You must be Interfaced.

Sellers were rewarded extra for units that could house multiple people, with bonuses ranging from new self fueling cars, to stockpiles of food credits exchangeable at any government cafeteria, to huge piles of gold. Most decided that if they were insured at least food, shelter, and transportation, it was a lure they could not pass up. Even the most genius programmer could not outmatch a robot that repaired itself.

It was in this way that the government gained control of providing housing for it's citizens. This initially solved many problems, as the homeless population dwindled again. The only remaining homeless were the Objectors, who literally could not obey government instructions since the education programs were live streamed through the Interface.

Transportation was free and housing was provided by the government, but only to those who were good citizens and followed the rules through the Interface. By 2120 it was culturally prominent to Interface your children at birth. Those who chose not to Interface their babies were viewed like the hippies were in the 1960's- tree hugging impeder's of progress that were an annoyance to society.

The Non-Interfaced had latched on tightly. Many tried their best to create new off grid civilizations, and succeeded in several instances.

By 2149, 60% of all humans on Earth had gotten the implant in their forehead. The minority had become those who chose to not Interface. The tipping point finally happened the next year when a coalition of powerful countries decreed all Non Interfaced humans were holding back the progress of the human race.

All Objectors must Interface, or face death.

Small subsets of the most paranoid individuals had foreseen the entire thing unfolding and had prepared for this exact moment. Non-Interfaced resistance groups had organized into small armies, stockpiling cutting edge munitions and hackers of the highest caliber.

History books detail how the country formerly known as the United States launched the first nuclear device in a final, desperate attempt to stop the Interface. The first nuclear bomb landed in Russia; setting off automatic nuclear responses which returned 100 fold what the United States had sent.

The world was broken in 24 hours.

The aftermath was a terrible struggle against nature, but evolution had it's own cruel joke to play on the survivors. The Throwers arose from the ashes with the ability to use new forms of magic.


Hello all!

I am attempting to self publish my first book! You just read the narrated backstory, which will not be included in the final project. This is the outline and overall idea for the setting of the story.

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