Last night dinner got messy part 1

3년 전

So last night i came home after a evening chilling with friends.
Munches kicked in and i decided to make some sandwiches.
I grabbed a knife, sliced some meat and put a knife on the side..


It was a side on the edge and knife started falling so my crazy
Serbian head was all like CATCH IT and my hand quickly
accelerated towards knife and of course knife fell on the floor
and my hand was bleeding violently.

I looked at a wound it was quite deep but luckily emergency is
across the street, so i wrapped up the wound with paper tissue
and walked across the street to the emergency.
Nurse (HOT ONE) received me and took me to a bed and told me to sit
and wait for a doctor. Doctor was right behind me talking to a mid-age
woman about who knows what. Few minutes later doctor came to my
bed, put on gloves, unwrap the tissue asked me what happened and as i
was speaking nurse cam to take a look so they started comment my wound

(Not actually my hand but closes cut to my that i found)

THEN Doctor looked me his yes shined with joy he had a smile of a 3 year-old
and asked me - One stitch?
At this moment i was quite confused and i told him he is the BOSS and he knows
whats best to do. At this time i was lying and a was scared as fuck xD first stitch
in my life xD (by the way im 20 hahaha I know Im coward)
Nurse went to other room doctor was getting prepared for stitching me and phone
started ringing, nurse was busy so doctor slowly went to answer it, but he was to late
so he got back to my bed ANDDD phone started ringing again.

Doctor was getting pissed off at that moment he went to answer with a quick pace.
Some people asked something stupid and that made him more mad.
I was like YaY now hes angry and his about to drill through me what a lucky day!

Rest in part 2 i hope u liked it. Its my first post on steemit. I did not know that writing is so hard so i need to get some rest and tomorrow ill finish the story. Sorry my English is not best im still learning <3 LOVE YA ALL <3

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