Plane Tickets (short story)

5개월 전

The walls are light yellow, and grey doors. large glass widows out on a parking space. its quiet. he feel the pain on his arms. he sweater attaches to his arm like glue The door opens a skinny girl is coming in to the room she is standing for a second then sitting down oppose of him. Eyes meet he recognize her from the last time. They say hello with out making a sound. Time go slow its feel like a eternity. The room is slowly filling up with people. some nod exchanged can bee seen. One of the gray doors opens a and older man Appearing. Its time to go. A long row and people walk out of the room. In the the parking lot a mini bus is waiting for them. he is sitting down the buss start to move. he is thinking its better then to be a lone. its going to help. a need to trust them to know what is best.
The line of people goes into the forest. air is humid after the rain, the wind is moving the trees. birds are singing. next to him is and older man waking they speak. Quietly. of life and loneliness he feels he is all a lone in the world an his brother and sister having kids and Family. the older man is quiet for a second . You know its not a Right to and have a Girlfriend.
he see and wood log on the trail. he thinks to pick it up and hitting the man. his teeth are
in the air like freshly popped popcorn. YOU KNOW IS NOT A RIGHT TO HAVE TEETH.
he take out his phone....3 no 4 weeks..1 person. Order done. Ding. Thank you for your order.
Round trip Oslo- San-Francisco.

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