The circle of hatred. Reflections for the soul.

3년 전

An important businessman was angry and scolded the director of one of his businesses.

The director came to his house and shouted at his wife, accusing her of spending too much because there was an abundant lunch on the table. The lady shouted at the employee, who broke a plate and kicked the dog because he tripped her. The animal ran out and bit a lady who was passing by there.


When she went to the pharmacy to get a cure, she yelled at the pharmacist because she was hurt by the application of the vaccine. This man came to his house and yelled at his mother because the food was not to his liking. The lady, source of love and forgiveness, stroked his head while saying:

"Dear son, I promise you that tomorrow I will make your favorite food. You work a lot, you are tired and today you need a good night's sleep."

"I'm going to change the sheets on your bed for other clean and perfumed ones so you can rest in peace. Tomorrow you will feel better. "

He blessed him and left the room, leaving him alone with his thoughts.

At that moment the circle of hatred was interrupted, as it clashed with tolerance, sweetness, forgiveness and love.

Jaime Lopera & Marta Bernal
2012 - 2017



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