A Story Im working on (working title) - #1

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I plan on creating one short story that takes at least 5 minutes to read. It will follow a Sci-Fi or a Thriller theme. I have no idea what it will be about yet, but it will be something that entertains me.
Main Idea:
A character wakes up in a blank white room with a white bed and no windows. The surrounding room is enclosed within a medium sized room in the shape of a cube. I sit around in wonder and awe, because of the perfection of the cube. Not a blemish or a stain. Nothing is out of place except for me, as if the room was not meant for housing. As I look around there is a faucet, I get up off of the floor, which I layed and washed my hand. Next to the faucet, revealing itself out of the wall, was a soap dispenser. Two drops. As I rub the soap within my hands, it seems to multiply.I quickly wash off the soap, and it runs down the drain. I sit on my bed. I feel the sheets [Fill 10 minutes here of me doing stuff with the walls.]
Occasionally, 3 times a day, a slot opens to the left of the sink, and a tray of simple food is served. An apple, mashed potatoes, and some broccoli, each with unique qr codes printed on them. [Include me getting weary of staying, wanting to leave, going crazy]
I must find a way to escape this sort of, prison. I have no memory of the outside world, or of how I got here.
Plot twist, the entire story is a computer simulation, therefore, it impossible for me to escape, and i'm eternally trapped within a simulated world. This depresses me. I realize that my whole life is not what it seems, and I try to kill myself, but because the computer has full control, I can't die. Within my boredom, I explore around outside the room and manage to find a flaw in the system, where a lock was found (purposefully) unlocked, as I begin to remember my skills in computers I exploit the flaw and gain control of the “system”. This power grants me the ability to create or design anything anywhere, so i'm basically (a) God.

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Please contribute your ideas, and I might implement them into my story