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 Hey,If you're new to the Poor and Angry bloggo, this post may seem shallow and pedantic, but I'm dropping it for archival purposes. It will probably have to be updated from time to time, because I can't keep track of all the little BS I've done over the years.


Music - Hip-Hop:1998-@2005: I made an album under the name Emonic. Awful stuff, but it was fun!Hand to Mouth was the first thing I ever wrote. Quality = bad. Beats = simplistic and repetitive. Rhymes = uncertain and dodgy. Still fun, and I did a couple of shows and got paid. I made Poor and Angry bumper stickers. I tried to write in an East Coast style, which was weird for Dallas.2005-ish: Although I haven't done any rapping lately, I was Eddie Bingo for a long time. People still call me that.

  • I repackaged Hand to Mouth as Eddie Bingo, and released to iTunes through Tunecore. I took it down after a year, because I hated the sound quality.
  • I formed a group with Lazarus Zillah and Racine Cipher called "High Knowledge Crew". "Americana Calamity" was made for us by DJ E_State from Russia.
  • Laz left us for awhile, So Racine and I did 4 tracks as "Ruckus".
  • "Hater" - I did this album as Eddie Bingo and released via CDBaby. Quality = terrible. Rhymes = somewhat half-assed.
  • "LA-TX Connect: Stacks and Kilo-B from Louisiana joined with me to make 5 songs produced by Soulchild from Cyprus.
  • "G.O.A.T." from Plain Dealing, Louisiana and I worked on a couple of tracks together.
  • I met Big Den through my ReverbNation page. We met up and became "Toast'n'Syrup", and is probably the project with the most potential. Alas, I became extremely disenchanted with rap by this time, and I pretty much just stopped making it.
  • I collaborated with Mizta Ho as "Dreamfilter" to make my first techno album around 2005.
  • Laz came back around 2012, and we wrote a couple of songs as "Emcee Ultra".
  • I did a song with Misguided Urban Youth called "Do It Again" in 2001. I later released the album containing the song under the Poor and Angry label in 2016. I hired an awesome cartoonist on Fiverr to do the cover for 65 dollars.
  • I made 2 songs with Cardio The Dog from France. I still like these songs.
  • "Shine" was produced by DJ King Flow out of France.
  • Ireleased a lot of a capellas on CCMixter, which is where I met a lot of the international producers.
  • A good friend of mine, Jaredd Reed is now on Poor and Angry Records, and I hope to also sign his current band, "The Brush Poppers", from Galveston, TX.
  • Shelley Paul and I formed Huck Fotel in 2017. We only have 2 full songs and a lot of ideas, but got high rankings on DigitalDJPool. He needs to quit hanging out with that girl, so we can get more shit done ;)
  • I've been creating Lofi hip-hop loops a lot lately (no samples, baby). I'll probably just consolidate them into Huck Fotel.
  • Same with Synthwave! Just 2 of those, though, and they're on the Huck Fotel page.
  • I've created tons of hip-hop instrumentals....some good, some pathetic. I'll probably send those up to sell as ringtones.
  • I've got a few ringtones sitting in iTunes. I've sold a few, but nothing to write about. I was really hoping my 8-bit remix of The Trailer Park Boys Theme sold a ton, but I'm not seeing anything yet. Although it does take forever for iTunes to pay out at the beginning. Eh, who cares, really - I have to pay half my earnings in licensing fees anyway..
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