Living by grace

2년 전

Life they say is a journey, and we all are traders in this world, the world its self is our market place where we come to trade and therefore we are bound to return home on a certain day.

Am living by grace cause am a product of grace, me been alive today is by God's grace. Here's a little of my story on how am a product of grace .
Sunday November 30th 2014 i remember how grace saved me.

It was a lovely sunday morning, i was happy cause on that day a church was having a thanksgiving service and i was the special guest artist to be ministering that faithful day. On my way to church i had this inner joy, i was happy for no particular reason. Finally I and my family got to church, stepping into church i went straight to the alter to pray and thank God. There after service started some minutes later. I was called to minister which i did and it went well by the Grace of God. Service closed but i decided to stay back with my mum and younger brother. It was around 7:15pm when we started going home i told my mum i would like us to take the second road home but she said no we should take the first road that is quicker to the house, aldo i agreed but deep down i was not satisfied with the ideal. In less than 5mins after taking the first road a bus from no where left the express and headed towards my direction!!! All i could remember was me been under a trailer unable to move, talk or even cry. Then it was BLACKOUT...
After some hours i gain consciousness and then i look around i was on an hospital bed, unable to sit, stand, walk, it was then my mum told me that half of my body was paralyze. Slowly tears started flowing from my eyes cause i was in serious pains. There after a thought came to my mind what if i had died, what if i could not see another day, aldo i was depressed but i was grateful for the gift of life..

For months i was placed on 1 position cause i could not move, sit or stand.. But today i can run, jump do all manner of things.. This is how grace saved me, have heard of cases where the victims of the accident dies instantly.
But today am a living testimony, a product of grace

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