Theory of Non-Violence 3

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Actually living a non-violent life is a great spiritual practice. We are pretending to be non-violent, we are not able to live nonviolent lives.

It is ironic that some people claiming non-violence try to save the insects, but seeing hungry, bare, poor people stunned, they also do not have compassion in their mind. The very big non-violent people, who are dealing with their servants, have to press their teeth under the teeth. They consider violence in the green vegetable meal but understand the tact and skill of victimizing their dependents or exploiting their needs. This is the irony of our non-violence.

Going to the temple, sharing, doing bhajan-kirtan, all these are ways of personal cultivation. If someone thinks that in these ways the practice of non-violence will be fulfilled then this is a real illusion. How is our behavior, business etc.? Seeing this, non-violent life can be tested. The tune of collecting money through excessive exploitation is the biggest obstacle in the practice of non-violence.

According to Tirthankar Mahavira, Vision Transformity and abstinence towards all beings is non-violence. Sight dexterity means - Continuous awareness and restraint means - Regulation of the actions of mind, speech and body. At the level of life awareness means only when its result is in restlessness. The goal of restraint can be proven only when its awareness keeps on continuous direction. Goalless and impassioned restraint remains simply meaningless.

Lord Mahavir has called the religion of nonviolence to remove the misery of the other. All creatures are equal at the level of self-power. They have the same underlying possibilities. No self-respecting great person can ignore the basic elements of temporal and social order. Mahavir gave rise to self respect in the post by giving social status to the downtrodden.

Religion has three main parts - 'philosophy, ritualism and social science. In the modern context, the usefulness of someone's religion is evaluated with his social status. Mahavir was then the leader of a strong revolution in opposing the then pompous social order.

They eradicate class-rivalry, coordinate philosophical fundamentalism, boycott of religious fundamentalists, prohibition of animal sacrifice, disintegration of unnecessary fundraising and resolving the spirit of ownership on their accumulated amount, etc. Movement of social reform through work trends Provided the speed and severity of the speed.

Mahavira initiated the conceptual revolution with non-violence from social revolution, from non-inheritance to economic revolution and multinationalism.20180825_120547_0001.png

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