History of rajasthan"Battle of Khanwa"

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The Battle of Khanwa broke the back of Mewar. Not only this, for years, the creature remained a victim of discord. Now Rajasthan led by Mewar from the hands of Shishods and went to Rathore Maldev of Marwar. Maldev sitting on the throne of Marwar in 1553. He made a huge expansion of the Marwar state. At this time Sher Shah Suri defeated Babur's successor Humayun and took control of Delhi. Sher Shah made a sour teeth of Sher Shah's army in the harmonious village near Marwar seeing increasing power Maldev in Rajasthan once been battered morale of Sher Shah. But in the end, Sher Shah won with treachery.
In 1555 Humayun regained control over Delhi. But he died the following year In his place, Akbar became the king. He attacked Marwar and stripped the area of ​​Ajmer, Jaitar, Malta etc. Maldeo himself died in 1562. After his death, the star of Marwar got lost. In 1587 Mata King Uday Singh, son of Maldeva, devoted himself to the Mughal Empire by marrying his daughter Manabai with the princes Shahzade Salim. Amer Kachwahas, Bikaner Rathore, Jaisalmer Bhatti, Bundi Hadha, Sirohi of Deora and other smaller states had this submission before the Mughals.
Rana Pratap of Mewar remained the only obstacle in Akbar's India victory. Akbar made several attacks on Mewar with full force until 1586 and 1576, at the Rana Pratap in his eyes on the subject to the desire not impressed themselves so the patriotism and courage of Akbar Pratap proven that die Pratap Tears have come up. He admitted that Vijay was definitely Gehlot Rana. It is a historical fact that many patriots clambered for laughter and laughter after getting inspiration from the life of male infants like Pratap in the freedom struggle of the country.
On the death of Maharana Pratap, his successor, Amar Singh, made a treaty with Mughal emperor Jahangir. He accepted to send his patwi son to the Mughal court. Thus, after 100 years, Mewar's independence also ended. In the Mughal period, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Bikaner and other Rajasthan kings joined together with the Mughals to share the important part in the expansion and defense of the Mughal empires. As a result of the excellent services of the empire, he received great numbers, jagirs and honors in the Mughal court.20180825_120547_0001.png

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