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Cost of Tola Meat

The emperor class of Magadha once asked in his Rajya Sabha, 'What is the cheapest food item in the country?' All the members were in the thoughts. Rice wheat etc. If you get full support of nature then you can get very hard work. A victim of hunting, a courtier thought that meat is such a thing which can easily be obtained. He smiled like this and said, yes everyone mixed his Yes, but the Prime Minister of Magadha Abhay Kumar was silent. Category also asked him to reveal his thoughts. Abhay Kumar said, 'I disagree with that. I will keep your thoughts in front of you tomorrow. ' At night, the Prime Minister reached the palace of Siddha Samanta, who first proposed his proposal. He knocked on the door. Samant opened the door He was nervous at seeing the prime minister on such a night
The Prime Minister said, 'In the evening, Maharaj category has become ill. Their situation is not good. The royalist said that if a big man's heart gets two tola meat then his life can be saved. You are the confidante of Maharaj, so I have come to take two Tola meat of your heart. You can take whatever you want for it. I can also give a million gold coins. ' After listening to this, the feudal consciousness became shaky. He understood, now my death is fixed. He said to hold the feet of the Prime Minister, 'Please forgive me, how is it possible? You do one thing, take one lakh gold coins and purchase the heart of any other feudal heart. ' Prime Minister Barjavari reached the door of all the feudal leaders taking the posture. He asked for two kings of two hearts, but no one agreed. Everyone gave one million gold coins to defend themselves.
In the morning, the prime minister went to the king, placed a bag full of money in front of the king. Seeing millions of gold coins, category asked, 'Where did this come from?' The Prime Minister told him the whole thing and then said, 'See how your feudalism is ready to spend money to save your life. Now you can imagine how cheap the meat is? Every creature considers its own life priceless, but does not understand the value of one's life. The class gave great applause to Prime Minister Abhay Kumar and gave one lakh gold coins for the right thing.
Please think before eating meat of any organism - can you give two heart meat to your heart?20180825_120547_0001.png

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