Vegetarianism 3

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[Such dishes are becoming increasingly popular among vegetarians who are looking for an alternative to carnivorous food, which, despite being vegetarian, looks like non-vegetarian food in terms of flavor and nutrients.

These dishes are called 'mock meats' in the colloquial language.

J.P. Anurag Mathur, executive chef of Spring Continental, said, "I think the trend of serving mock meats is increasing. This is not the only alternative to non-vegetarian food, but rather a healthy choice as it is almost the same in the case of proteins and other nutrients. '

Mathur said, "People who become vegetarian after eating meat for years, those people who do not eat meat for ethical reasons but want to experience eating it and those people who do not want to be isolated in the crowd of non-vegetarians, For mock meats is a good option. "He said that soyabean cheese is most commonly used for mock meats in Chinese restaurant.

Vegetarian shrimp and vegan crab dishes can be found in the dining list of a new small restaurant 'Chi Ni' in Dusit Devarna.

Coconut, brinjal and mushrooms are also other popular alternatives to non-vegetarian food.

Shangri-La Eros Hotel's chef Sukanta Das said that looking at the mock meats looks like regular non-vegetarian food, but in place of soybeans, mushrooms, different types of pulses and other fresh vegetables are used instead of meat.20180825_120547_0001.png

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Sauteed mushrooms with garlic on pasta makes a delicious meal.