The Road Not Taken And The Case Of The Missing Hobo Part 1

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Chapter 1 The Mysterious Hill

In the photo above you can see there's the top of a hill I often walk by. For months I walked past this very same spot never even wondering where it led to or what was at the bottom. One day I saw a young boy about 7 or 8 coming from that direction and I asked him what was down there and he said "trees and rabbits". I was now intrigued for some strange reason even though I have seen both trees and rabbits before. I walked down the hill and this is what I saw.

To the right there is an asphalt path with tire tracks.

To the left there is an old path that is kinda dark and overgrown with these strange red thorny vines.

Which Way Should I Go?

The dark path certainly looked more interesting so I took a breath and headed into the unknown. Once on the path it was easy to see this area wasn't maintained by the city or any other organization. There was quite a bit of rubbish laying around like bottles and old Christmas trees.



Now this tree has some character!

The path was covered in dead leaves and I kept walking until I found a clearing.

To the left.

Last remnants of the urban jungle to the right.

I pressed on through the clearing and further into the wilderness. The grass and plants are really tall now most are above my knees. I've gone to deep now to turn back even though my pants and shoes are now soaking wet.


I've been walking for at least 15 minutes now and just when I start to think there's nothing really interesting around here. Look at what I find.

A hobo time-capsule!

What puzzles me the most is how the shopping cart got so deformed and bent out of shape maybe it was @Bigfoot. I also wonder who left it there and what was the intended purpose for the now rusted metal. I took a seat on a fallen tree while I ate a sandwich and pondered a fictitious history of the hobo time capsule. Then boom!! I hear a loud horn and train.

To the right.

To the left.

I have come to another fork in the road stay tuned to find out which way I went and what I found.

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lol @ the hobo time capsule!


Yeah I find them all the time

Are you in America or another country?


I am currently in the eastern region of the us.

  ·  5년 전

humm it started out as a walk in the back yard you say :D hahah follow the white rabbit neo :D


Wait until you see how it all ends.